English: Antigone Literary Devices

Allusion Reference to something famousex. Zeus (20)
metaphor a comparison between 2 dissimilar items without using like or as. ex. “the ship of state is safe” (Sophocles 21)
Alliteration repetition of same consonant sound in 3 or more words in line of text. ex. “The ship of state is safe” (Sophocles 21)
Theme A moral or message that the author is trying to convey. Must be expressed in complete sentence. ex. “Remember we are women, we’re not born to contend with men” (Sophocles 18)
Motif A reoccurring idea money corrupting men (23)
Protagonist a central character with a positive effect that reader roots for. ex. Antigone.
Antagonist opponent against protagonist, makes life difficult. ex. Creon.
Simile comparison using like or as”closed on the kill like hunters” (Sophocles 29)
Hubris when a character exhibits excessive pride ex. Creon
Pathos A quality that evokes pity or sadness. ex. “No one to weep for me” (Sophocles 42)
Catharis process of releasing or providing relief from strong or repressed emotion. ex. “on tomb, my bridal-bed” (Sophocles 43)
Conflict a struggle between 2 opposing forcesinternal: Creon, Antigoneexterna; Creon vs. Antigone.
Foil A character, often antagonist, whose qualities or actions function to highlight the qualities or actions of protagonist by contrasting the two characters. ex. Creon vs. Antigone (selfish vs. selfless)

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