English act 3 Romeo and Juliet

Because Romeo just marry Juliet he considers Tybalt a kings men and refuses to except his challenge of a dual how does Mercutio interpret Romeos actions “the words mercutio or uses “ Mercutio is like why are you giving up you coward. “O calm, dishonorable, vile submission! Alla Stoccata carries it away.”
How does Romeo act when he first encounters Tybalt Tybalt sees it as Romeo is mocking him quote and so, good Capulet, which name I tender as dearly as my own, be satisfied.”
Mercutio’s pun and understatement as he is dying Pun: ask me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave manUnderstatement: A cat to scratch a man to death
After slaying Tybalt Romeo says oh I am fortunes fool what does he mean I have played right into the hands of fate
What is the theme of Juliet soliloquy in scene two Her theme is very anxious and worried as she awaits her Romeo
How does Juliet react to the news of Tybalts death At first she thinks Romeo is dead, then she thinks both Romeo and Tybalt are dead dead she is upset about the death of Tybalt then she takes Romeo side that says if Romeo hadn’t killed Tybalt then Tybalt would’ve killed Romeo
In scene three how does Romeo back to the sentences of banishment He treated as though he has received the death penalty and has no reason to live if he can’t see Juliet
At the opening of seen three Romeo is in the spare what happens to raise his spirits The nurse arrives with the news that Juliet is waiting for him and the nurse gives him a ring letting him know Juliet still loves him
What else in the play has Romeo shown a sudden change of spirits give two examples hint act one and act three The sudden change in act one was from Rosaline to Juliet and Act III he was trying to keep the peace and went to killing Tybalt out of revenge
In act one Capulet was not eager to see Juliet married why do you think he is suddenly decided to except Paris’s offer He thinks this wedding will lift the spirits of Juliet and the rest of the Capulet’s after the sudden loss of Tybalt
Why are Capulet and his wife surprised at Julia’s refusal to Mary how does Juliet’s reaction is different from the way she had previously acted with her parents Juliet used to listen to her parents that will she’s to be very good and proper and listen to what her parents wanted for her
In seeing five what lines for shot of the death of the two lovers Let me be taken, let me be put to death Come, death, and welcome! Juliet wills it soAs one dead in the bottom of the tombDry sorrow drinks are blood
What is the nurses advice to Juliet regarding the predicament The nurse says to marry Paris he is handsome rich and wants to woo you
Why do you suppose Juliet pretends to be comforted by the nurse So that she could leave knowing what her nurse really thought of Romeo and if her nurse knew what was best for her
Why does Juliet no longer consider the nurse worthy of her confidence Because the nurse talk badly about Romeo and basically said Romeo was a bad pic on her part

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