English A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 2 Scene 2

What does Titania order the fairies to do? She wants the fairies to sing her a lullaby to sleep and go about their business while she rests.
What does Oberon do to Titania while she is sleeping? He puts the love potion in her eyes and hopes the first thing she sees is an ugly creature when she wakes.
What happens to Lysander and Hermia? The two got lost in the woods. They decide to sleep in the woods and leave in the morning. Lysander wants to sleep next to Hermia but she wants to keep her distance.
Why did Puck put the love potion on Lysander? Oberon only described that Demetrius wears Athenian clothes but he’s not the only one.
How does Helena compare herself to Hermia? Hermia is beautiful while Helena is ugly so that explains why Demetrius runs away from Helena and towards Hermia.
Why does Lysander fall in love with Helena? She is the first person he sees.
What does Helena think of Lysander’s “love”? Lysander needs to stop doting her and thinks he is insulting Helena.
What did Hermia dream? What would be the symbolism of that? She dreamt of a snake eating her heart while Lysander watches happily. This might symbolize that Lysander no longer cares for Hermia and that she’ll have to choose one of her three choices after all.

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