English 4 vocabulary and etymology (words from hamlet)

Mettle (noun)quality of temperament English 1851, “the stuff of which one is made” also a variant of metal
Promontory (noun)A high point of land or rock projecting into a body of water(Prominent) Latin-middle latin-middle frenchPROMUNTURIUM mountain, ridge, headland PROMINERE to jut out
Quintessence (noun)The essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form Middle latin-frenchQUINTAS fifthESSENTIA essence(Earth, water, fire and air are the essences, and the fifth one is life or just being)
Malefactions (noun) evil deeds, crime(Malicious, malevolent, malody,) (manufacture, facility, factory,) Latin-middle englishMALE ill, evilFACERE to do…(evil)
Consummation (noun) to finish or complete, to make perfect or to achieve) Prefix-com-together, withRoot-sum-totalSuffix-ion-nounSUMMA sum or total
Discord (noun) (Accord, concord, cordial, record) Prefix-dis-not, away fromroot-cord-connectionCORS heart

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