English 4 Beowulf an the battle with Grendel’s mother

How was Grendel’s mother’s attack different than Grendel’s? It was less fearsome and she took a single victim and left
What explanation does the narrator give for the difference? No female can have a man’s strength
Who is Esher? Right hand man of Hrothgar killed by Grendel’s mother
How do you know that Grendel’s mom is not afraid of the warriors? She left a blood trail
Describe Grendel’s mom lair? Dark underwater cave at the bottom of the lake surrounded by fire
What opportunity does Unferth get from Beowulf? What is his response? He is offered to kill Grendel’s mom but he says no he is scared
Describe the battle between Beowulf and Grendel’s mom Hand to hand combat with a sword
What had prepared Beowulf for the battle with Grendel’s mom? The battle with Grendel
What do the Danes do during the battle? What do the Geats do? The Danes leave and the Geats stay and wait for Beowulf
What does Beowulf bring back from this battle? Grendel’s head and the hilt of a sword
What offer does Hrothgar make to Beowulf? What is his answer? He offers him to stay and be the protector of Denmark and be treated like a king ; he said no
Describe Beowulf’s homecoming Exciting,joyful, honored
How does Beowulf show loyalty and honor to Higlac? Gives him all the treasure
What reward does Higlac give to Beowulf? His grandfather’s sword, land, and to be his right hand man
Describe Beowulf’s childhood Rough; treated right when grandfather was alive and had to prove himself to others when he died
How does Higlac become king? Older brother was killed during hunting and the second son was killed by his father
How does Beowulf become king? After Heardred’s death he ruled for 50 years peacefully

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