English 2 Review ( Macbeth, A Doll’s House, Personality Disorders)

Hubris Excessive pride
aside dialogue said reflecting thoughts while others on stage; other characters cannot hear
Freud 1rst psycho analyst; father of psychology
Super Ego the place where your thoughts make the final decision
Ego where you weigh your decision
ID where all thoughts originate
anger remembered pain
Macbeth leader of Duncan’s army who murders king Duncan; told prophecy by witches which leads him to a spiral downfall of murder, distrust, and endless night!!!! DUN DUN DUUUNNNN ( lol main character bro)
Macduff Thane of Fife; goes to England to seek help against Macbeth from Malcolm; leads opposition to Macbeth
Lady Macduff wife of Macduff; killed by Macbeth’s thugs along with their 3 kids
Lady Macbeth Macbeth’s wife;cause of Ma helps him kill Duncan; commits suicide after going crazy
Ross a Scottish thane; objective to and against Macbeth
Lennox a Scottish thane; objective to and against Macbeth
Fleance son of Banquo; flees after death of his father
The Witches 3 supernatural being that give prophet to Macbeth and Banquo
Hecate the head witch/ source of their power
Banquo Macbeth’s closest friend who is killed after suspecting Macbeth’s veracity
Chandos most famous portrait of Shakespeare; originated in the Stowe house
Spanish Armada spanish navy that the english defeat to control world trade
Inverness Macbeth’s castle before his reign as king
Anachronism something out of order according to time; MAKE SURE TO GIVE EXAMPLE
Malcolm son of Duncan; goes to England as refuge away from Macbeth
Donaldbain son of Duncan
Siward Earl of Northumbland; helped Malcolm defeat Macbeth
King Edward King of England
soliloquy one actor on stage who states his or her thoughts
Plato wrote The Republic; Allegory of the Cave
Henrik Ibsen Norwegian Poet; wrote A Doll’s House
Choosing a Spouse 1.) mom 2.) purse 3.)partner
Friendship rely vs depend
codependence I am not ME without YOU
Cope to deal with
Nora Main character of a Doll’s House; wife of Torvald and has 3 kids; belittled by her husband and finds her way out of ” the cave”; saves her husband from death
Torvald condescending husband of Nora; works as the head of the Bank
Linde Nora’s good friend; in love with Krogstad; plans to let Torvald have the letter.
Dr.Rank Torvalds’ personal friend and doctor ;charcter in a Doll’s House who is in love with Nora;
anxiety 1.)fate/death 2.) guilt/condemnation 3.) Hopelessness/meaninglessness
Mr.Krogstad character in a Doll’s House who blackmails Nora; in love with Mr.Linde
guilt when someone feels he or she has created a problem
shame when someone feels that he is the problem(Lady Macbeth)
Birnam Wood forest Macduff’s army used to disguise their number against Macbeth
primogeniture property passed down from father to son ( in England)
Tanistry property passed down from mother to son, why Macbeth became king
Paranoid distrust and suspicion of others; unjustified beliefs everyone if trying to harm you ; suspicion of loyalty ; hold grudges; angry reactions to innocent remarks (Macbeth) (Krogstad)
Antisocial persistant lying, stealing, using false names, conning; impulsive behavior; lack of guilt ; disregard for safety of others; problems with the law
borderline personality disorder impulsive(sexual, gambling, binge) behavior, unstable self-image, unstable/intense relationships;suicidal behavior; fear of being alone; anger, emptiness, (Lady Macbeth)
Histrionic constantly seeking attention; melodramatic; easily influenced; shallow; excessive concern with physical image (Nora)
Narcissistic fantasies about power; belief that you’re more special than others; arrogance; exaggeration of achievements;expectance of appraisal (Macbeth) (Torvald)

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