English 12:4.14.3 Lesson: Macbeth Act III: Scenes 3-4

Why does Macbeth send a third murderer to join the two he has previously commissioned to kill Banquo and Fleance? to check up on them to make sure they are really going to do it
How do the murderers know that Banquo and Fleance will come this way? Everyone going to castle has to go this way.
What do the murderers discover has happened when they are able to light the scene again? Fleance has escaped.
What does the murderer mean by this statement:”We have lost best half of our affair.” The son who fled was the better person.
What compliment does Macbeth give the murderer for killing Banquo? He is the best at what he does.
Describe what Macbeth means by “his fit.” He is meaning he is feeling confined and bound.
Who are the serpent and the worm? Banquo and Fleance
What excuse does Lady Macbeth give for Macbeth’s behavior? He has often had delusions and will be fine again soon.
Before, I asked you to note that the murderer mentioned that Banquo was given twenty gashes to the head. Type out the line(s) that indicate that Banquo’s ghost has these gashes. but now they rise again,With twenty mortal murders on their crowns,
What is Lady Macbeth most afraid of in this passage? Macbeth’s secrets being revealed
Who does Macbeth realize is missing at the party? Macduff
What does Macbeth decide to do to ease his paranoia? visit the witches again

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