English 12: Macbeth Act 4

When the witches are chanting “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble,” what are they doing? They are casting a spell for Macbeth
What is the “something wicked” that “this way comes”? Macbeth
What does the first apparition tell Macbeth? A floating head wearing a helmet tells Macbeth to Beware Macduff
What does the second apparition tell Macbeth? A bloody child tells Macbeth that no man born of woman can harm him
What does the third apparition tell Macbeth? A child with a crown on his head and holding a tree in one hand tells Macbeth he will never be defeated until Birnam Wood marches to fight him at Dunsinane Hill.
What is the one more thing that Macbeth wants to know? Will Banquo’s sons ever be kings?
What do the witches show Macbeth in response to his last request? Eight kings march across the stage, the last one with a mirror in his hand, followed by the ghost of Banquo.
What does Macbeth say he will do to Macduff? He will have his men raid Macduff’s castle and kill his wife, kids, and anyone else who happens to be there
What reason does Lady Macduff give for why Macduff must not love her and their children? Because Macduff fled, leaving his wife and kids behind
What does Lady Macduff tell her son about Macduff? She tells him his father is dead and a traitor
What reason does Macduff’s son give for why the liars and swearers are fools? Because there sure are enough of them to beat and hang all the honest men.
What does the messenger tell Lady Macduff? The messenger warns lady Macduff that she needs to take her children and leave because danger is coming
What happens at the end of this scene? The murderers kill Macduff’s son and we assume they also kill Lady Macduff
What does Malcolm suspect might be Macduff’s motivation? He is worried that Macduff wants to kill him in order to win the favor of Macbeth
What does Malcolm ask Macduff about his family? He asks why Macduff left his wife at kids at home and vulnerable to attack
What is the first reason Malcolm gives for why he wouldn’t be a good king? Malcolm believes he would not make a good king because he is a sex addict and he is also greedy
What is Macduff’s final response to Malcolm’s description of himself? These bad qualities are bearable when balanced against your good sides.
What does Malcolm tell Macduff about the things he said? He tells Malcolm that it is people like him and Macbeth that make Macduff want to leave Scotland

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