English 12:4.14.4 Lesson: Macbeth Act III: Scenes 5-6

Why is Hecate angry? She is mad at the witches for plotting against Macbeth without her.
What literary device is used when Hecate says:Meet me i’ the morning: thither heWill come to know his destiny.Your vessels and your spells provide,Your charms, and everything beside.I am for the air; this night I’ll spendUnto a dismal and a fatal end. foreshadowing
What does Hecate plan to do to Macbeth? Make him feel like he has nothing to worry about
According to Lennox, who is Macbeth blaming for Banquo’s murder? Fleance
Though Lennox seems to be taking all blame off of Macbeth, he uses one particular phrase that lets us know that is not how he really feels about Macbeth.Type out the word or phrase that contradicts Lennox’s absolving of Macbeth’s blame. For ‘twould have anger’d any heart alive,
What is Macduff’s punishment for not attending Macbeth’s feast? He lives in disgrace.
Why did Macduff not attend Macbeth’s feast? because he went to get help to fight against Macbeth
According to the anonymous Lord to whom Lennox is speaking, how do people perceive Macbeth’s reign? All which we pine for now: and this reportHath so exasperate the king

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