English 12: 3.11.1 Lesson: Understanding Macbeth: The Real Macbeth

How did Macbeth become king? He became king when he killed the current king in battle.
Which sentence best describes Macbeth’s feelings about Christianity? He was educated in Christian schools and endorsed Christianity in his kingdom.
What ultimately lead to Duncan’s downfall? He ignored wise counsel and tried to conquer too much territory.
What kind of laws did Macbeth enact as king? laws that encouraged kindness and equality
Who ultimately overthrew Macbeth? Duncan’s son
Who ruled between Macbeth and Malcolm? Macbeth’s stepson
In 100-125 words, write a letter to Shakespeare as if you were the real Macbeth discussing your feeling about his portrayal of you. Be sure to include at least 3 points from this article. Mr. Shakespeare, as the actual King Macbeth, I am grieved and upset conserving the imbalanced and untrue way that you portray me in your play. Are you aware I was educated by monks and during my peaceful reign, I tried to spread the good news of Christianity far and wide. I’ve travelled to Rome for the papal jubilee in order to give alms to the poor and support the church with my own finances. I enacted laws that protected women and orphans everywhere in my kingdom. You sir must give a more complete picture of my leadership as the king of Scotland. The record shows I was an even handed leader of my people as well as their defender. I even help put together a more prosperous economy for the people. Things things need to be included in your account.

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