English 11 The Crucible Act III

Who is on trial when Giles Corey interrupts the court? How have the charges against this person changed since Act II? When Giles interrupts the court, Martha Corey is on trial. The charges are the readings of fortunes.
Explain the charge Giles make against Putnam? He says that Thomas Putnam wants land.
How Giles “broke charity with the woman? He says that he “broke Charity” with her because he unintentionally gave the court cause to accuse Martha of being a witch early when he talked about her.
Explain how Francis offends Deputy Governor Danforth. He says the girls are frauds.
Why do you think Danforth is concerned whether Proctor has told anyone else about the girls’ lies? He wants to make sure that no one else knows that the girls could be lying and Danforth doesn’t want to lose his position of authority.
Explain Danforth’s statement: :We burn a hot fire here; it melts down all concealment. Danforth means that his authority is so great that he can melt any fraud… except Giles Corey, Rebecca, Nurse, and John Procter.
What words demonstrate Parris’s reaction to having John Proctor in the court? He was in shock that Mary Warren is there. He says that procter is mischief.
What two things does Cheever reveal to the court as evidence against Proctor’s good character? What could this evidence prove in court? He says that he damned the court & ripped up the warrant and plows on Sundays. This could prove that Procter can’t be trusted & is a badman
When Proctor hears that his wife claims to be pregnant, what reason does he give for believing her? She never lies
Discuss the evidence Proctor gives Danforth proving Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Martha’s innocence, in terms of credibility and outcome. They never saw any signs of dealing with the devil from these women. Also a testament is produced with signatures from 91 people (good, landholding people).
How does this episode help to establish Miller’s connection of the Salem witch trials with the McCarthy hearings? The connection is that people were naming others to be condemned & the authority wouldn’t be undermined
What is the charge that Giles Corey makes against Putnam? He says that Putnam is after land
What is Giles Corey’s proof for his charge, and why will he not supply the proof to the court? What parallel does this have in the HUAC hearings? The proof is that Giles heard from an honest man that Putnam was after land
What does Hale ask Parris about those who attack the court? What is Parris’ ironic response? He says that not every person is attacking the court. The irony is the ones who are making accusations on the innocent people are the corrupt ones.
What evidence does Giles give the court? His evidence is the information from an honest man
Why does Giles not reveal his witness? the witness will end up in jail
Why do you think Hale wants Proctor to have a lawyer? Hale knows that Proctor is going to need someone to defen him otherwise he will end up in jail
Explain Mary Warren’s predicament. What consequences does she face from Abigail and the other girls, Danforth, and Proctor is she goes against each of them? Everyone is expecting her to take their side and if she doesn’t they will be angry and upset at her.
According to Mary, what circumstances allowed her to pretend in court, but not in the vestry? She’s with God now
What threat does Abigail give Danforth when he accuses her of lying? She accuses Danforth of being a witch and threatens to leave and never come back
How do Abigail and the other girls turn the accusation against Mary Warren? They pretend that Mary has changed her shape into a big, yellow bird and is planning to attack the girls
Why is Danforth temporarily persuaded by Proctor’s accusation of Abigail? John Procter confesses his sin of the affair with Abigail
Cite Abigail’s answer when Danforth questions her about being a harlot. What is strange about her denial? She doesn’t really give an answer. She says if she has to answer she will run away and never comeback.
Why does Danforth put so much faith in Elizabeth’s testimony? She doesn’t lie
What sacrifice does Elizabeth make for her husband? How is the result of this sacrifice ironic? She lies for John by saying that he didn’t have an affair with Abigail. This is ironic because it condemns him to jail and death
When Hale verbally attacks Abigail, how does she defend herself? She “freaks out” about the bird and that it is attacking
How does Mary, in turn, defend herself from the girls? She joins the girls saying the yellow bird is going to attack . She also says that John is the “Devils man”
On what charges are Proctor and Corey arrested? They have an allegiance with the devil
In what way has Hale completed his transformation as a dynamic character by end of Act III? Hale at the end of the act does not believe in witch craft anymore. He says that he denounces the proceedings and quits the court.
Upon finishing this act, explain how Proctor’s earlier advice to Mary Warren is ironic to both of their situations. “Do that which is good, and no harm shall come to thee.” Procter and Mary Warren try to tell the truth but when they do they end up being harmed. Proctor goes to jail and the girls turn on Mary Warren until she joins with them.

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