English 1- Romeo and Juliet Act Three

Why has Tybalt come looking for Romeo? To challenge him to a duel (fencing match).
What does Romeo say to Tybalt? I don’t want to fight.
What does Mercutio do? He draws his sword anyway. He wanted to defend Romeo.
How does Romeo contribute to Mercutio’s death? He came between Mercutio and Tybalt because he wanted to stop the fighting but instead he blocked Mercutio’s view and Tybalt stabbed him, fatally.
Describe Mercutio’s character. Crude, irritated easily, iras.
Explain what Romeo says in lines 108-109. Tybalt had been his cousin for an hour. Tybalt had slandered him.
What is the outcome of the fight between Romeo and Tybalt? Tybalt dies.
What punishment does Escalus give Romeo? Banishment.
What news does the nurse bring Juliet? Tybalt has been killed by Romeo and Romeo has been banished.
Why does Juliet decent Romeo? She loves him and has committed herself to him.
At the end of Scene 2, what does Juliet ask the nurse to do? To find Romeo and give him a ring and tell him to come say goodbye.
What is Romeo’s reaction when Friar Laurence tells him that Escalus has banished him? Crying
Briefly summarize what Friar Laurence says to Romeo in lines 108-145. Too emotional, being irrational, thankless for all your blessings. Friar Laurence tells Romeo a plan.
What is Friar Laurence’s plan for Romeo? Go to Mantua and wait there, Friar Laurence will make marriage public and will make peace between families, we will ask the Prince to pardon him.
In Scene 4, what does Capulet tell Paris? Lord Capulet tells Count Paris that Paris can marry Juliet.
At the beginning of Scene 5, why do Romeo and Juliet discuss whether it is morning or not? They do not want to say “farewell”, so they discuss whether it is really time for him to go.
Lady Capulet thinks that Juliet weeps for Tybalt. What is the real reason for Juliet’s sorrow? That Romeo is banished.
When Lady Capulet tells her daughter that she is to wed Paris, what does Juliet say? No.
What is Capulet’s reaction when he learns that Juliet refuses to marry Paris? Basically disowns her.
When Juliet asks her mother to help delay her marriage to Paris, what is Lady Capulet’s reply? No, you’re on your own.
What does the nurse tell Juliet she should do? Marry Paris and forget about Romeo.
At the end of Scene 5, why is Juliet so angry with the nurse? Talking bad about Romeo angers Juliet. Also Nurse has no loyalty to Romeo, as Juliet does.
How are Juliet’s beliefs about love and marriage different from her parents? The parents want financial security and social prestige for Juliet. Juliet wants to marry who she loves.
Do you think Romeo will follow Friar Laurence’s advice and go to Mantua to await being reunited with Juliet? No, because he doesn’t want to be away from Juliet.

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