English 1 Macbeth Vocab Completing the sentence

nonpareil The four Frenchmen known as Phoenix continue to refine their ____________synthesis of dance pop and glam rock on their fifth album Bankrupt!.
rebuke In the years since I read the article, she periodically appears in my life as a____________against too much caution.
minions What’s left, then, is a lot of hokum about evil-minded Southern power-mongers andtheir ____________.
jocund . Perhaps it is because his ____________ humor, like all else, sprang from a heart sowoven of the common strands of humanity.
heath Presently we crossed a ____________ beyond which we could perceive the village of Liphook.
equivocate It was an awkward evasion, but she had not learned either to evade or ____________gracefully.
pall Dust from blasting, mine work and heavy truck traffic on gravel roads casts a ____________ over the landscape.
corporal ____________ punishment, as applied to men, cowardly, cruel, and debasing to human nature; and as applied to boys, brutal, and sometimes even fiendish.
wanton Pennsylvania pressured industry to stop its ____________ dumping of polluted brine into rivers and is now considering a fracking fee.
rapt Nor has anyone ever listened to me so ____________, nor smiled at me so winsomely, tenderly, heartbreakingly.
mettle Tales abound of city workers and ambitious junior lawyers who put in 18 and 20 hour days to prove their ____________.
avarice American businessmen and politicians saw too much value in the new property to constrain their ____________.
impede Excessively rigid habits of thought ____________ freedom of observation.
multitudinous from the ____________ flowers of the sand-ridge comes a rare sweet fragrancemingling with the balsamic odor of the pines.
gall Brothers, my soul was bitter as ____________, and the words came to my lips against my will.
dauntless she possessed ____________courage and in the face of danger was cool and collected.
rabble We are citizens, the masters of this country, not its subjects, or underlings, ____________ or a mob.
prate Go ____________ to those that may endure ye— To me this rudeness!
recompense I hope the extra thousand will ____________ you for the temporary inconvenience towhich I was unfortunately compelled to put you.
palpable there appeared to be no ____________animosity between the teams or their fans.

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