English 1 Final Exam – Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare’s Biography)

Queen Elizabeth I Who was the queen of England when Shakespeare was born?
Tratford – upon – Avon Where was Shakespeare born?
April 23, 1564 When was Shakespeare born?
The plague What was there a terrible outbreak of in Shakespeare’s hometown the year he was born?
– went to local school – translated text Latin – English – read great texts – was expected to speak Latin What was Shakespeare’s early education like?
When his father took him to Kennel Worth Castle Festival What was one of Shakespeare’s earliest theatrical experiences?
The lost years What are the early years of Shakespeare’s life known as?
– he was withdrawn from school at 14- he became a helper at his father’s glove business What caused the lost years?
Ann Hathaway What was the name of Shakespeare’s wife?
3 How many children did Shakespeare have?
Susannah, Hamnet, and Judith What were the names of Shakespeare’s children?
London In the 1580’s Shakespeare left home and traveled to what major city in England?
Acting and writing By 1592, what two things was Shakespeare working in London doing?
Sonnets What are Shakespeare’s love poems called?
The Earl of South Hampton Who did Shakespeare write most of his love poems to?
– bitter in tone- about obsessive love What were some of Shakespeare’s darker love poems like?
The Dark Lady Who were Shakespeare’s darker love poems written to?
Outbreaks of the plague What tragic occurrence caused the theaters in London to close?
He experienced outbreaks of the plague Why was Shakespeare so fascinated with death in his plays?
His only son, Hamnet died, age 11 What tragic event occurred in Shakespeare’s personal life in 1596?
Hamnet Who was Shakespeare’s famous character Hamlet based off of?
The Glove Theater What was Shakespeare’s acting company’s new theater called?
Julius Caesar What was the first play performed in the Globe Theater?
Men Who played all adult female parts?
Pre-pubescent boys Who played all young female parts?
History or written fictions Where did Shakespeare take a lot of his ideas for his plays from?
King James I Who became the King of England in 1603?
The King’s Men After the new king was crowned, what was the new name of Shakespeare’s acting company?
His relationship with his daughters What were some of Shakespeare’s plays (mainly King Lear) inspired by?
It burned to the ground In 1613, what happened to the Globe Theater
He retired What did Shakespeare do after the Globe Theater burned to the ground?
He ate too many pickles herrings and drank too much According to legend, how did Shakespeare get sick and die?
He had no male heir to inherit his fortune What problem did Shakespeare always face, even though he was wealthy?
Apri 23, 1616, – his own birthday What was the date of Shakespeare’s death?
His own Epiteth Where did Shakespeare’s last written words appear?
His fellow actors and friends Who compiled his plays and had them published after Shakespeare died?
Ben Johnson Who was Shakespeare’s biggest rival (who admired him greatly) that helped publish his plays?
“He was not of an age, but for all time.” What is the famous quote that Ben Johnson wrote about Shakespeare?

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