How many men did Grendel kill the first time he attacked the Mead Hall? 30
What doesn’t Grendel terrorize? Hrothgar’s Throne
What past victory has Beowulf not done? Killed a fire breathing dragon
How does Grendel respond to the realization that Beowulf will challenge his fighting skills? Fearfully- He has never had to defend himself
Beowulf reflects the belief that the battle between good and evil is…? Never ending
What monster did Beowulf not fight? Unferth
Which monster gave Beowulf his death wound? A fire breathing dragon
The main struggle in Beowulf is between what? Good and evil
What is an alliteration? Using the same letters to start words in a phrase to emphasize it.
Who is Unferth? He is the jealous right hand of the king
The first to see the ghost walking around the castle of Elsinore. Marcellus
Killed by poison in the ear. King Hamlet
Urges Hamlet not to return to Wittenberg. Claudius
Guard at Elsinore. Fransisco
The Lord Chamberlain and adviser to the king. Polonius
Polonius’ servant, who is sent to France by Polonius to spy on Laertes. Reynaldo
Which characters open the first act in Hamlet? Barnardo, Fransisco
Ophelia’s description of Hamlet’s antic disposition does not include what? “His stockins fouled, ungart’red, and down-gyved to his ankel”
The presence of players and play acting within the play points to what important theme? Real life is in certain ways like play-acting
How is Hamlet’s plan to kill the king unsound? Claudius’ feelings about a play could never be construed as a reliable indication of truth.
How many children did Shakespeare have? 3
What were the people who stood in front of the stage and watched the play called? Groundlings
(T/F) Jack smears his face with clay paint to hide his shame and free him from self-consciousness. True
Where does Percival believe the beast lives? In The Trees
What were the Britian bomb raids called? Blitz
What was Golding’s occupation before he became a writer? Teacher

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