Dramatis Personae for Romeo and Juliet

Prince Escalus Ruler of Verona; Authority Figure; The Prince of Verona. A kinsman of Mercutio and Paris. He is concerned about maintaining the public peace at all costs.
Lord Montague Romeo’s father; hates the Capulets; worried about Romeo’s state of mind
Lady Montague Romeo’s mother, Montague’s wife.
Romeo Main male character; loves Juliet; is a Montegue
Lord Capulet The patriarch of the Capulet family, father of Juliet, husband of Lady Capulet, and enemy of Montague.
Lady Capulet The wife of Lord Capulet and mother of Juliet.
Juliet Main female character; Loves Romeo; is a Capulet
Tybalt A Capulet, Juliet’s cousin. Vain, fashionable, supremely aware of courtesy and the lack of it, he becomes aggressive and quick to draw his sword when he feels his pride has been injured. He hates Montagues.
Count Paris Juliet’s soon-to-be husband; related to Prince Escalus (character traits: envious, controlling, demanding, interested in marrying Juliet for her beauty and not so much personality)
Mercutio Related to the Prince Escalus, and Romeo’s best friend.
Friar Lawrence A friar, friend to both Romeo and Juliet. Kind, civic-minded, a proponent of moderation, and always ready with a plan, Friar Lawrence secretly marries the impassioned lovers in hopes that the union might eventually bring peace to Verona. As well as being a Catholic holy man, Friar Lawrence is also an expert in the use of seemingly mystical potions and herbs.
Balthasar servant and friend of Romeo
Abraham Servant of Montague
Nurse Like a mother to Juliet; assists in the marriage of Romeo and Juliet
Peter Servant to the Nurse
Sampson Servant of Capulet
Gregory Servant of Capulet
Benvolio One of Romeo’s best friends; Nephew of Montague
Chorus Tells the audience whats going on; kind of like narrators

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