Discussion Questions for Antigone

Why does Ismene want to confess to a crime that she hasn’t committed? Because she feels she can’t live without Antigone.
Why did Haemon kill himself? He killed himself out of anger and despair at his father.
What did the messenger mean by “Her own hand struck her to the heart, when she had learned her son’s sorely lamented fate?” She stabbed herself when she found out her child was dead due to her husband’s mistake.
Who is Teiresias? A prophet brought in to tell the future of Creon.
Why does Antigone tell the Nurse not to cry? It makes Antigone feel like a little girl.
What did Antigone steal from Ismene? Makeup, clothes, and perfume.
What does Haemon do when he discovers Antigone is dead? He commits suicide because he doesn’t want to live without her.
What does Antigone ask the prison guard? She asks him if he has kids and if he loves them. She asks how long he has been serving in the guard.
Who killed themselves in act 2? Antigone, Haemon, and Creon’s wife killed themselves.
How are women treated in Antigone? They are looked at as inferiors to men. Men are the leaders and women are just supposed to just listen and take care of the family.
What is Eurydice’s reaction when she hears what happened to Haemon? She curses and kills herself off stage.
What happens to Antigone when she gets caught? She gets thrown into a cave and starves to death.
How does Ismene feel about Antigone? She admires Antigone’s loyalty and courage, but also thinks she is hot-headed.
How does Creon justify his order not to bury Polynices? Polynices, will serve as an example to others not to attack their homeland.
What comment does the chorus make about life and about the power of the gods? Nothing can stop the curse of the gods; the family of Oedipus seems to have this curse. People who live “greatly” seem to suffer “greatly”
What is the reason Creon gives when he claims it is necessary for him to condemn Antigone? If she got away with defying his orders, then everyone else would too. That would lead to the collapse of all authority and order.
What threats does Haemon make to his father? Antigone will not die alone. Creon will never see him again.
What does Creon tell the chorus he plans to do? He will not put Ismene to death, but Antigone will be walled up inside a cave.
Why has Tiresias come? What opinion does Tiresias express to Creon? He has a sign from heaven that it is wrong to put Antigone to death. He says “Wound not the life that’s perished. Where’s thy valor/ In slaying o’er the slain?”
How does the chorus advise Creon? They tell him to free Antigone and bury Polynices.

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