Darius Mirhosseini Romeo and Juliet Vocab List 3

Sarcasm Harsh or bitter derision or irony. POS: Noun. Synonym: Mocking. Sentence: The boy had sarcasm when he said he wanted vegetables.
Camphor Any substance having a medicinal or aromatic characteristics. POS: Noun. Synonym: Potion. Sentence: The herbs was a camphor because it helped heal wounds
Circumlocution A roundabout or indirect way. POS: Noun. Synonym: Repetition. Sentence: You can get to the point once you are done circumlocutioning.
Egocentric Having or regarding the self as the center of things. POS: Adjective. Synonym: Selfish. Sentence: The king was egocentric and would not listen to anyone
Cataclysm Any violent upheaval. POS: Noun. Synonym: Disaster. Sentence: Sentence: The earthquake caused a cataclysm and all the buildings are destroyed
Gargantuan Large; gigantic. POS: Adjective. Synonym: Colossal. Sentence: The building is gargantuan and it was bigger than the Statue of Librety.
Paucity Little; meager. POS: Noun. Synonym: Insufficient. Sentence: The family had a paucity of food.
Juxtoposition Comparing side by side. POS: Noun. Synonym: Adjacency. Sentence: The teacher juxtaposed Shakespeare with current times.
Thwart To block. POS: Verb. Synonym: Obstruct. Sentence: The football player thwarted the ball.
Pun A play on words. POS: Noun. Synonym: Joke. Sentence: When Mercutio died, he said many puns
Exposition Situation or position with reference to direction or view. POS: Noun. Antonym: Resolution. Sentence: The boy wrote an exposition which then won a prize.
Denouement The outcome of a sequence of events, the end results. POS: Noun. Synonym: Resolution. Sentence: The denouement of the movie was that the character dies.
Foil A fencing sword having usually a thick; flexible four sided blade with a button on tip to prevent injury. POS: Noun. Antonym: Sharp Blade. Sentence:The man used a foil in his duel.
Inmundate To fill with an overflowing abundance or superfluity. POS: Verb. Synonym: Overwhelm. Sentence: The storage’s were inundated with food.
Repose To lie at rest. As if you were dead. POS: Verb. Synonym: Fake death. Sentence: The man was reposed after the hard day of work.
Augment To enlarger in size, amount of degree; to swell, to make bigger. POS: Verb. Synonym: Improve. Sentence: The boy augmented the hole in his jacket.
Appertain Whether by right, nature, appointment, or custom; to relate. POS: Verb. Synonym: Belong. Sentence:
Effeminate Women like, womanly; tender. POS: Adjective. Antonym: Manly. Sentence: The teacher was very effeminate to the children
Agile Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement. POS: Adjective. Synonym: Nimble. Sentence: A mouse is a lot more agile than an elephant
Adversity A state of hardship or affliction; misfortune. POS: Noun. Synonym: Bad luck. Sentence: The kid had adversity when he was sent to court

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