crucible test

Were you surprised when the accusations against specific individuals began to multiply? Explain your answer. yes i was surprised when the accusations against specific individuals began to multiply because after they started claiming other people, i didn’t know which was true.
(a) What is Betty’s condition when the play opens? (b) What does Abigail say she and Betty were doing in the forest? (c) Make inferences: What seems to be the main motivation for Revered Parris’s concern about the girls’ behavior in the forest? A) Bettys condition is she is in a coma.B) Abigail stated that they were dancing in the forest.C)The motivation for Rev. Parris concern about the girls behavior is busting tituba and accusing her of doing which craft.
(a) What do Abigail, Betty, Mercy, and Mary discuss after Reverend Parris leaves his daughter’s room? (b) Interpret: What events does this scene suggest may occur later in the play? A) They all discuss that they weren’t gunna give the truth.B) The truth might be told later
Who is Reverend Hale? (b) Why is he contacted? (c) Evaluate: Do you think he is being fair and impartial so far? Why or why not? Hale knows about the which craft and is very curious.B)He is contracted bc parries wanted to be sure betty wasn’t acting weird
Summarize Abigail’s prior relationship with the Proctors. (b) Interpret: What does Betty’s revelation about Abigail’s actions in the forest suggest about Abigail’s feelings for Elizabeth Proctor? A) abigails relationship is she loves him and they had an affair B) Betlys revelation about abigails action in the forest suggested about abigails feelings for proctor is that abigailss feelings for proctor is that abigail doesn’t like her and wants to kill her.
What evidence suggests that sharp divisions exist among the people of Salem Village? (b) Apply: Name two others who may be accused. Explain your choices. A) The evidence that suggested that sharp division exist among the people Salem village was they kept blaming others who were suspicious.B) Two others who may be accused might be proctors wife since abigail dislikes her and probably mary warren since she is new.
Which character do you find the most intriguing? Why? I find Abigail to be the most intriguing character in the “The Crucible” because I feel she is manipulative and a home wrecker. Abigail cheats with John Proctor behind Elizabeth Proctor’s back. Abigail has Mary Warren fooled. I know this by the comment Elizabeth makes to John, ‘She (Mary Warren) speak of Abigail, and I thought she were a saint, to hear her’.
What does Mary Warren bring home to Elizabeth Proctor? (b) What is the significance of this gift? a) Mary Warren brings Elizabeth Proctor a small rag doll that she made. b) It turns out the rag doll is actually a poppet because Cheever finds a needle in the dolls skirt.
What evidence is used to support Abigail Williams’s assertion that Elizabeth Proctor is guilty of witchcraft? (b) Do you think the evidence is compelling? Why or why not? a)The evidence used to support Abigail’s claim is the poppet seen by Cheever & Hale. b) I believe during those times the evidence was strong enough to support Abigail’s assertion that Elizabeth Proctor is guilty of witchcraft. I believe this because in the time during the Salem Witch trials, an accusation from someone, anyone was enough to get you to court.
What does Sarah Good do to save herself from hanging? (b) Why should such an action save her? a)Sarah Good confesses to sometimes making a compact with Lucifer. b)Her confession saved her because she came clean with her truth and did not deny it.
What is revealed to Revered Hale during his investigation of the Proctors? (b) What commandment does Proctor forget when he is reciting them to Reverend Hale? Why was this ironic? a) When Reverend Hale is investigating the Proctors he finds out that Proctor doesn’t know one commandment. b) The commandment that Proctor forgets is “Thou shall not commit adultery”. This was ironic because 7 months ago Proctor committed adultery against his wife with Abigail.
According to John Proctor, what is “walking Salem” and writing the law of the community? (b) Support: What evidence would support Proctor’s assertion? a) According to John Proctor “walking salem” is vengeance. b) The fact that the people in salem are blaming one another for witchcraft supports Proctors assertion.
Who says the witchcraft trials are “black mischief?” (b) What is ironic about that remark? a) The person that says witchcraft trials are a “black mischief” was Proctor. b) This remark is ironic because Proctor was the one who was being malicious or mischief a while back.
What is ironic in the fact that Ezekiel Cheever is the one who arrests Elizabeth Proctor? It is ironic that Ezekiel Cheever is the one who arrests Elizabeth Proctor because the Proctors were blaming Abigail and told Cheever to arrest her, but Cheever ignored them and went to search Elizabeths house and found the needle in the poppets skirt.
What are the three depositions that are brought to the court in Act III? the 3 depositions that brought to the court are 91 people who signed, giles corey about tom pitman and marry warren, put in johns words
Why does John Proctor bring Mary Warren to court in Act III? (b) How does Proctor behave toward Danforth during his questioning? proctor brings marten warren to the court to sue elizabethB) He is respectful towards Danforth
Why is Giles Corey’s refusal to name names important? because it shows he is the one who acts horribly not the court.
Why does Mary Warren change her testimony and join Abigail and the other girls? because she is frightend when abigail pretends to see the spirits
Why is the use of the phrase “out of her infinite charity” to describe Abigail an example of verbal irony? (b) In what ways is the effect of Elizabeth’s testimony an example of dramatic ironic? is when she lies about her husbands affair and gets caught
What is Elizabeth’s motive for evading Danforth’s questions about Abigail’s dismissal from the Proctor household? (b) Considering her belief that lying is a sin, what does her evasion suggest about her character, her feelings for her husband, and her understanding of the court proceedings? she evades by opening up a whole new topic and how she was unfaithful
(a) What motivates Hale to denounce the proceedings and quit the court? (b) How does Hale’s character and motivations change from when he first arrives in Salem? Explain. he thinks it is all a fraud and realizes its all bad. This would change because at first he starts blaming people and then he starts defending people
What is the definition of a biblical allusion? Give me one example from Act III of a biblical allusion. remember what the angel raphael said to the bot tobias.

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