Crucible Act 2

Who’s become so popular that “where she walks the crowd will part like the sea of Israel for her”? This is talking about how when Abigail goes somewhere, the crowd lets her through with no issues.
What gift does Mary Warren give to Elizabeth Proctor? Mary Warren gives Elizabeth Proctor a rag doll, also known as a poppet, that she sewed while “sitting in a chair” during her day at the court in Salem.
Why is Mary Warren so defiant towards the Proctors now? Mary Warren does not want to let the Proctors know too much. She also says how because she is 18, she can make her decisions for herself.
What does Elizabeth think the motivation behind Abigail’s accusation of her is? Elizabeth thinks that Abigail is trying to get rid of her so that she can get with her husband, John Proctor.
How often does John Proctor attend church? According to the ‘Book of Record’, which is kept by Parris, John Proctor rarely goes to church on the Sabbath. According to his ‘Book of Record’, Proctor had gone to church 26 times in 17 months.
Besides preaching hell fire and damnation, what else does Proctor detest about Rev. Parris? Proctor does not think that Parris has a ‘much light of God’s light in him’ and he does not wish for him to be “putting his hand on his babies”.
When asked by Rev. Hale, which commandment does Proctor forget? He “forgets” the commandment about adultery.
What rumor about Proctor “troubles” Rev. Hale? Rev. Hale is “troubled” with the rumor that Proctor believes that there ‘may be no witches in the world’.
Who is Ezekiel Cheever? Ezekiel Cheever is the guy that rounds up all that have been accused of being possessed with a warrant issued by the Debuty Governor.
Why is Rebecca Nurse arrested? She has been arrested for murder: “For the marvelous and supernatural murder of Goody Putnam’s babies.”
Why is Martha Corey arrested? She was charged by “that bloody mongrel Walcott” who bought a pig from her about four or five years ago. The pig died soon after that. So, he came back to her, requesting that she give him his money back. He then goes to court and claims that “from that day to this day he cannot keep a pig alive for more than four weeks because my Martha [Corey] bewitched them with her books!”
Why is Elizabeth Proctor arrested? Elizabeth Proctor was arrested because of the poppet that she has in her home. She is taken because of what the poppet signifies. Her poppet had a needle that signifies somewhat of a connection with the needle that is present in the poppet and the way that Abigail Williams simply fell during dinner.
Who intervenes on Elizabeth’s behalf, saying, “Ask Abby, Abby sat beside me when I made it”? Mary Warren
With Mary Warren, how does Rev. Hale derail the possible final chance to stop the witchcraft madness? Hale is talking about how the poppet that Mary Warren has made that contains a needle in it and the needle was put there by Mary Warren on purpose and may have been conspiring with Abigail when she did made it.
How are “the little crazy children jangling the keys of the kingdom” now in Salem? I think that when it says this, the people who accuse the others that get in trouble are like the little crazy children jangling the keys of the kingdom because they never get blamed and are showing off to those who do get blamed that they are free, but the accused are not.
What does Proctor do with the arrest warrant for Elizabeth Proctor? He takes it from Cheever and rips it up.

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