Crossword Puzzle-Romeo and Juliet

My life is my ____’s debt Foe
Predestined future Fate
A __ both your houses Plaque
He agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet Friar Lawrence
Act division Scene
Romeo’s father Lord Montague
Juliet kills herself with Romeo’s Dagger
Juliet’s servant and mentor Nurse
A __, A __! Why call you for your sword? Crutch
We are ___, lady, we are ___ Undone
Capulet’s favored suitor for Juliet Paris
Servant to Romeo Balthasar
Author; playwright William Shakespeare
Romeo kills him to avenge his friend’s death Tybalt
He kills himself when he thinks Juliet is dead Romeo
What light through yonder ____ breaks Window
She refused Romeo’s love and caused his depression Rosaline
Play division Act
He explains the circumstances of Tybalt’s death Benvolio
He is slain by Tybalt Mercutio
__ is my son-in-law; __ is my heir Death
Both Paris and Romeo want to marry her Juliet
He gives a feast to introduce Juliet to bachelors Lord Capulet
Romeo drinks it and dies Poison
Sends Romeo into exile Prince
That which we call a ___ By any other name would smell as sweet Rose
Romeo climbs over the wall surrounding Capulet’s _____ Orchard
Parting is such sweet _____ Sorrow
Servant of the Capulets Sampson (Samson)
Paris is a nobleman from this place Verona
Me thinks I see thee…as one dead in the bottom of a ____ Tomb

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