Critical quotes/context Hamlet

Hamlet as tragic hero Tragic hero -> hamartia= fatal flawhubris= excessive pridehigh status – causes chaos & disordermorally good, disrupts equilibriumcauses deaths of innocents, often loved ones.Moment of anagnorisis- epiphany that comes too late about the hero becoming aware of their roleperipeteia- reversal of fatescatharsis- outpouring of emotionpathos-empathy for hero & victimsShakespeare’s archetypes – the foolspeaks truth to the upper classes, unconventionally taken on by Hamlet who insults, parodies & satorises the kindom & the king
Stanley Wells ‘The equivocal features in Claudius’ language suggests inner anxieties’
Caroline Spurgeon ‘The idea of an ulcer or tumour, as descriptive of the unwholesome condition of Denmark, morally, that is the dominating one’
Ernest Jones ‘Oedipus and Hamlet’ [Hamlet] ‘bitterly resented having to share his mother’s affection”enjoy undisputed and undisturbed monopoly of that affection’ – argues that Hamlet is repressing an unconscious desire to have killed his father himself
AC Bradley ‘Hamlet’s chief desire […] is to save Gertrude’s soul”while the rough work of vengeance is repugnant to him […] he is at home in this higher work’
Bridget Lyons ‘Ophelia’s symbolic meanings are specifically feminine”For Ophelia, [madness] is presented as a product of the female body and female nature’Gaston Bachelard suggests that drowning is the truly ‘feminine death’ in literature.

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