Conflicts in the crucible

Parris and john proctor Proctor critizes parris for preaching about money instead of god
Putnam and John proctor Accuses proctor of stealing his wood, but proctor says he bought it five months ago
Abigail and John proctor Abigail wanted a relationship with proctor but he didn’t
Putnam family and the nurse family Putnam didn’t like the nurses because of land disputes. Putnam accused Rebecca of bewitching her new born babies (she was responsible for their deaths)
John proctor and Rebecca nurse vs. Putnam and Parris Putnam thinks Betty is a form of witchcraft. Rebecca says it will pass. Putnam says witchcraft killed his children
Abigail and Elizabeth proctor Abigail slept with her husband and Elizabeth is saying Abigail is a witch because of it
Paris and Salem parishioners Parris accused Salem parishioners of being unfaithful and uncommitted to the church
Tituba and the girls vs. Salem adults Adults were asking why the girls were dancing in the forest and who’s a witch. There were many accusations

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