Cleland English 11 Vocab Macbeth 1, Acad 2

adage (noun)a proverb, wise saying
chamberlain (noun)an officer who manages the household of a king or nobleman
shoal (noun)a shallow place in the water
prophetic (adj) predicting the future
thane (noun) a freeman who was granted land by the king in return for military service
furbish (verb)polish and make shiny
mettle (noun) courage
trammel (verb) to entrap
harbinger (noun) a person or thing that signals or announces what is about to come
frieze (noun) ornamental horizontal band on a wall
propose (verb) present for consideration
proposal (noun) a suggestion or plan
proposition (noun) a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection
intend (verb) , to plan; to have in mind
intention (noun) Something that you mean to do.

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