charters / places in macbeth

macbeth tragic hero
lady macbeth macbeth’s wife was master mind behind the murder of king duncan
banquo friend of macbeth ;heard the witches prophecies; murdered by murders that macbeth hired
fleance banquo’s song that escaped murder
king duncan king of scotland; murdered by macbeth
macduff was not born of a woman so iltimately killed macbeth family was murdered
lady macduff murdered with her family by macbeth’s murderers
malcom oldest son of king duncan and heir to the scottich throne; fled to england
donalbain youngest son of duncan; flex to ireland
porter comic relif; guard the castle doors at inverness
thane of cawdor traitor and was killed then the title was given to macbeth
hecate head witch
young siward killed by macbeth / he was from england
old siward organized 10,000 troops for malcolm and lead the attack on macbeth
inverness macbeth’s castle where duncan was murdered
scone where macbeth was to be crowned king;macbeth saw banquo’s ghost there
dunsinance macbeth;s castle near birnam woods
norway fighting scotland in the first part of the play
scotland where the play takes place
birnam wood forest near dunsinane part of the withces prophecy
england country malcom runs to where his father was murdered

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