characters from Hamlet, TEWWG, and Oedipus Rex

Hamlet Son of King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude. Claudius is his uncle and enemy. -Protagonist-Pretends madness-Nihilistic and intelligent-Immature and views father as a god and shows hatred toward Claudius and resentment to Gertrude. He also has major trust issues.-Must avenge father -Killed by Laertes with a poisoned sword
Queen Gertrude Wife to King Hamlet and then after death wife to King Claudius. Mother of Hamlet.-Unaware of Claudius’s murder-Wants best for Hamlet but struggles to understand his point of view-Drinks poison unintentionally-Realizes what Claudius has done at death and loves and trust Hamlet in the end
King Claudius Brother of King Hamlet and husband to Gertrude-Killed King Hamlet with poison in the ear-suspects lil ham knows and sends him off to England-Attempts to kill lil ham with the help of Laertes again with poison and also sword-Is killed by Hamlet with poison sword
Polonius Father to Laertes and Ophelia and loyal to King Claudius-Believes he has a name to uphold through his children-Tells Ophelia Hamlet could never love her-Spies on Hamlet and Gertrude-Believes Hamlet’s madness is caused by his lover for Ophelia-Is killed by Hamlet while spying on Hamlet and his mother
Laertes Son to Polonius and brother to Ophelia -FOIL for Hamlet-Wants to go back to school in France-Devastated when his father is killed and sisters death. -Wants revenge on Hamlet-Kills Hamlet due to Claudius’s deception -Is killed by Hamlet but apologizes to Hamlet before he dies
Ophelia Daughter to Polonius love interest for Hamlet-In love with Hamlet-Skeptical of Hamlet’s love because of her dad’s warning-Kills herself after her father is murder by Hamlet and after Hamlet goes to England. -Probably Pregnant with Hamlets child, but kills it with herself
Fortinbras Prince of Norway FOIL to Hamlet-Trying to take back what he lost in the war -Denmark
Horatio Hamlet’s best friend-Loyal to Hamlet
Ghost of King Hamlet Returns to tell Hamlet how he died and that he must avenge him by killing Claudius,Disrupts the almost oedipal moment when Hamlet was trying to get Gertrude on his side
Guildenstern and Rosencratz Loyal to the King, but also loyal friends to Hamlet-Try to understand what is going on with Hamlet but are not successful due to Hamlet’s lack of trust.-Unknowingly deliver a note for Claudius that tells the English to kill Hamlet-Killed by English because of Hamlet’s changing of the letter
Oedipus Son and Husband to Jocasta and son to Laius-Solved the Sphinx riddle to end the plaque and blight-Puts a curse upon whoever killed Laius-Dedicated to Thebes-Seeks help to discover who killed Laius only to find out he was the one who killed Laius and discovers hi true parentage-Banishes himself in order to end the plaques and blights and punish himself from what he has done.
Laius Former King of Thebes. Unknown father to Oedipus
Jocasta Queen of Thebes. Wife to Laius and Oedipus. Mother of Oedipus.-does not believe in oracles-sent her child to die in the mountains-overcome with guilt and grief when finding out who Oedipus really is to her-Kills herself
Creon Jocasta’s brother. Loyal to Oedipus and Thebes-Accused of trying to blame Oedipus for Laius’ death-Does not want to be King-Ends up being King because Oedipus banishes himself
Teiresias Blind Oracle-Brings bad news for Oedipus-Oedipus does not believe him
Antigone and Ismene Daughters to Oedipus-Are doomed to live a bad life because of Oedipus

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