Characterization in Grendel

Read the excerpt from Grendel.There was nothing to stop the advance of man. Huge boars fled at the click of a harness. Wolves would cower in the glens like foxes when they caught that deadly scent. I was filled with a wordless, obscurely murderous unrest.(Q) How is Grendel characterized in this passage? C: troubled
Which comparison of Beowulf and Grendel is most accurate? C: In the poem, Grendel seems like a heartless monster, but in the novel he is emotionally complex.
Which statements accurately compare Beowulf and Grendel? Check all that apply. B: Beowulf characterizes Grendel as bloodthirsty, but Grendel shows Grendel’s gentler side.C: Beowulf is sympathetic to the humans, while Grendel shows the monster’s perspective.
_____________ is the way an author presents a character. A: Characterization
Read the description of Grendel from the epic poem Beowulf.If Grendel wins, it will be a gruesome day;he will glut himself on the Geats in the war-hall,swoop without fear on that flower of manhoodas on others before. Then my face won’t be thereto be covered in death: he will carry me awayas he goes to ground, gorged and bloodied;he will run gloating with my raw corpseand feed on it alone, in a cruel frenzy,fouling his moor-nest.(Q) This version of Grendel is more ________ than the version in John Gardner’s novel. A: vicious
Read the excerpt from Grendel.Thus I fled, ridiculous hairy creature torn apart by poetry—crawling, whimpering, streaming tears, across the world like a two-headed beast, like mixed-up lamb and kid at the tail of a baffled, indifferent ewe—and I gnashed my teeth and clutched the sides of my head as if to heal the split, but I couldn’t.(Q) How is Grendel characterized in this excerpt? C: as upset and confused
Which words best complete the comparison of Beowulf and Grendel?Readers of Beowulf hope that Grendel will be destroyed, but readers of Grendel are most likely to C: understand Grendel’s perspective.
Read the line from Grendel.I was safe in my tree, and the men who fought were nothing to me, except of course that they talked in something akin to my language, which meant that we were, incredibly, related(Q) This is an example of a A: first-person narrative showing Grendel’s perspective.
Read the line from Grendel.Hrothgar met with his council for many nights and days, and they drank and talked and prayed to their curious carved-out creatures and finally came to a decision.(Q) Which statement best describes Grendel’s perspective? C: He thinks that the men’s religious behavior is strange and interesting.

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