Character quotes for Lady Macbeth

“Come, you spirits […] unsex me here” > (L/S) Lady Macbeth calls on evil to fulfil her ambition and sacrifices her womanhood, through the repetition of the imperative “Come”> (C) During the Jacobean era, women were seen as inferior to men, since the men had power due to their gender
“Have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums and dashed the brains out” > (L) The verb “dashed” is an aggressive action, and is an example of LM using disturbing imagery> (S) Connective “and” shows the extent of expectations, as she has no limit to power to immorality> (SD/LD) Although this is from dialogue between M and LM, LM is giving orders
“Which shall all our nights and days to comeGive solely sovereign sway and masterdom” > (L) Lady Macbeth is motivated by power
“Infirm of purpose!Give me the daggers” > (L) Lady Macbeth is strong-willed and (at the beginning) calm under pressure
“Woe, alasWhat, in our house?” > (L) Lady Macbeth is cunning and deceitful
“A little water clears us of this deed” > (L) Lady Macbeth shows her being somewhat naive as she uses the adjective “little”, contrasting Macbeth’s wanting to have “Neptune’s Ocean” wash away all of his blood
“(rubbing her hands) Out, damned spot! Out, I say!” > (L) “spot” refers to King Duncan’s blood stained on LM’s hands, as she has become haunted by the guilt – shows a change in her use of imperatives “Come” vs. “Out”> (L/S) The repetition of the imperative verb “Out” shows how she wants to eliminate her guilt immediately> (S) The use of exclamation marks shows her shouting desperately to remove any trace of guilt and remorse> (SD/LD) “(rubbing her hands)” literally mimics how we all wash our hands – LM wants to wash away the guilt as it is affecting her mental state
KEY POINTS – Lady Macbeth is ambitious and driven- Lady Macbeth is used by Shakespeare to explore the relationship between gender and power- “undaunted metal should compose/nothing but males”- Power and ambition is her main motivator- Lady Macbeth is manipulative and dominant in the relationship- Lady Macbeth has strong willpower- Lady Macbeth is naive (leads to her downfall)- Lady Macbeth is cunning and deceitful- Lady Macbeth is haunted by her guilt

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