Character List For Romeo And Juliet

Lord Capulet Juliet’s father
Juliet Capulet’s daughter
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mother
Nurse Juliet’s servant
Peter Servant to the nurse
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin and nephew to Lady Capulet
Sampson Capulet’s kings men and servant
Gregory Capulet’s kings men and servant
Potpan Servant to Capulet
Romeo Montague’s son
Lord Montague Romeo’s father
Lady Montague Romeo’s mother
Benvolio Romeo’s cousin and lord Montague nephew
Balthasar Romeo’s servant
Abraham Servant to Montague
Escalus Prince of Verona
Paris Young noble man and kings men to the prince
Page Servant to Paris
Mercutio Romeo’s friend and his kings men
Friar Lawrence Franciscan prince

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