Character Chart Romeo and Juliet

Benvolio Is a montague; Romeo’s cousin; peacemaker
Tybalt A capulet; Juliet’s cousin; known as the prince of cats; Verona’s best swordsman
Romeo Is Montague’s only son; 16 years old; emotional; falls in and out of love easily
Nurse Juliet’s nurse; mother figure for Juliet; an adult who is close to Juliet; quirky and eccentric
Paris Nobleman of Verona; handsome and respected; wants to marry Juliet; not concerned about age
Mercutio Friend of the Montagues; princes cousin; funny and charismatic; comic relief
Juliet Capulet’ only daughter; 13 years old; has more common sense than Romeo
Friar Lawrence Adult close to Romeo; gives good advice but doesn’t follow his own advice; terrible schemer

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