Chapters 5&6- Gatz

He gets Nick’s yard cut and brings over Daisy’s favorite flowers. What preparations does Gatsby make for his reunion with Daisy?
Honestly, she is quite shocked yet happy to see him How does Daisy seem to be affected by this reunion?
“Owl eyes” – boarder or one that lives in Gatsby’s mansion. Takes all he can but gives nothing back at all. Who is Klipspringer and what does he do?
Daisy is impressed with the silk shirts and starts crying. All of the money put into the house and pool makes her feel special. What does Daisy seem to be the most impressed with while touring Gatsby’s house? What is her reaction?
James Gatz and North Dakota What is Jay Gatsby’s real name and where was he born?
Gatsby, so he said, inherited the money from Dan Cody and lived a life of success What effect did Dan Cody have on Gatsby’s life?
Tom Buchanan will be there and so will the little girl. What doesn’t Gatsby realize about Miss Sloane’s dinner invitation?
That Daisy didn’t love Tom anymore What did Gatsby want Daisy to tell Tom?
To show that Daisy still cared about Tom, even if it was in a forceful way. Why do you think Tom attended Gatsby’s party with Daisy?
She adored seeing all of the people and the excitement of the party and money. What did Daisy think about the party?

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