Chapter 9-10 Lord of The Flies

Which character speaks to the Lord of the Flies? Simon
Simon awakens in chapter 9 to find the air dark & humid with an approaching storm
Why is there dried blood around his mouth and chin? He had a nosebleed
After Simon regains consciousness, what does he come upon as he walks across the mountaintop? The body of the dead parachutist
When Simon first realizes the beast is really a dead parachutist, he Decides he needs to tell the boys
What does Simon do to the parachutist? He loosened the ropes that were caught on the rocks & the wind pulls it loose & take the body out to sea
Where is Jack’s tribe’s headquarters? At Castle Rock
Immediately after Ralph’s tirade, Jack tells his tribe to start dancing. Why? He doesn’t want his followers to accept Ralph’s reasoning so he uses the dancing as a distraction
Ralph and Piggy attend the feast in the hopes to Keep control over the events
“Piggy and Ralph, under the threat of the sky, found themselves eager to take a place in this demented but partly secure society.” What does this quote imply? That they were eager to be in the crazy but partly secure society
Do the chanting, dancing boys recognize Simon? No
How do the boys kill Simon? While the boys reenact the hunting of the pig in a frenzied dance they don’t recognize him, so thinking he is the beast, they tear him apart with their bare hands & teeth. He then trips & plunges over the rocks onto the beach & the boys fall on him violently & kill him
What sends the boys running and screaming after they have murdered Simon? The wind blows the body of the parachutist off the side of the mountain & onto the beach
Who claims that Simon’s death was an accident? Piggy
What is the effect of the tide washing away Simon’s body? It symbolizes calmness & peace, they calmed down & realized what they did
What does Ralph do to cover his shame? He desperately clutches the conch while laughing hysterically & insisting that they were participates in a murder
What does Ralph say to Piggy’s remark that they were all scared? He says that he wasn’t scared
When Ralph admits to Piggy that they all murdered Simon, What is Piggy’s reaction? He makes excuses saying it was dark & that they were outside of the circle & had left before it had happened.
What object does Ralph clutch when he talks about Simon’s murder? The conch shell
What surrounds Simon’s body as it floats into the sea? Glowing fish
Jack and his tribe believe That Simon really was the beast & that the beast is capable of assuming any disguise & that they must continue to guard against the beast because he never truly dies
Whom does Jack have tied up and beaten for no reason? Wilfred
Which two hunters accompany Jack to the beach? Ralph & Roger
Piggy suggests that they let the signal fire go out at night and relight it every morning. Why? Because they are running out of wood & you can’t see the fire at night anyways
What do they take from Ralph and Piggy? Piggy’s glasses
“The chief was sitting there, his face blocked out in white and red.” Who is this referring to? Jack
Name the character described in the following quote: “He was a chief now in truth; and he made stabbing motions with his spear.” Jack
When the boys creep up on Ralph’s camp, What do they say to try to scare Ralph and Piggy? “Piggy, we’re gonna get you Piggy”
What is Jack feeling as he and the three others trot toward Castle Rock? Why? He feels empowered & like a true chief, because he took control over the boys & their fire, he also stole Piggy’s glasses.

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