Chapter 6 Lord of the Flies Quiz

What do the boys discover when they get to the opposite end of the island? They discover a smaller coral island attached to the one they’re on by a stone bridge.
Who volunteers to go first and see if the beast is ahead? Ralph
What were the Twins doing when they saw the beast? Watching the fire.
What does Jack want to do with the island they discover? He wants to make it into a fort.
Who looks for the beast? Jack and Ralph
What fell from the sky? Dead pilot in a parachute.
What do the boys want to do instead of searching for the beast? Build a fort on the beach.
What does Ralph want the boys to focus on instead of the beast? The signal fire.
What do the boys do once they get on the smaller island? They roll a rock into the ocean.
What does Jack want to do about the beast? Hunt and kill it.

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