chapter 5-8 chronolog

this new meeting must be ——– not ——— businessfun
ralph notices that he cant ——- like piggy can think
ralph discusses four problems in the meeting use the toilet areabuild shelterskeep water in the coconut shellcooking food on the mountain
piggy notes that the only fear can come if they are frightened by people
the littlun percival recites —————- bothering some of the others his name and address
percival says the beast comes from the sea or water
simon hypothesizes that the beast is them- the boys- themselves
ralph wont ——- for fear that it might not work blow the conch
———- tells ralph to keep being chief simon
a ———————– falls from the sky dead parachutist
———- and ———- mistake the ———- for the beast ericsamdead parachutist
——- joins jack to hunt the beast ralph
upon approaching the unexplored rocky part of the island —— volunteers to go first and ——— follows him ralphjack
—– likes the new part of the island — does not jackralph
ralph notices that besides being filthy and unkempt he has begun biting his nails
simon predicts that ralph will make it back home
ralph feels the excitement of the hunt when he hits the pig
during the ritual re-enactment of the hunt the boys come close to hurting robert
the boys dont wait for ———- before encountering the beast piggy
——– returns to piggy simon
—- and ——– climb the mountain to confront the best. —joins them jackralphroger
—— blow the conch to call a meeting jack
jack calls ralph a coward
jack calls a veto to :impreach” ralph but ———– unhappy jack ——— nobody listensstorms off to start his own tribe
after the splitting of the boys ralph simon and piggy propose three different plans ralph: jack will be backsimon: climb the mountainpiggy: build new shelters on the beach
—— proposes making a list of the remaining boys ralph
jack suggests that the boys ————– for the beast leave an offering
the hunters kill a female pig
the hunters want to make a cooking fire but they dont have fire
jack commands roger to ‘sharpen a stick at both ends” meaning one end in the ground and the other end with the pigs head on it
the lord of the flies is a pigs head on a spear
the hunters return to the beach to steal fire
piggy thought the hunters had returned to steal the conch

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