Chapter 5 & 6 LOTF SG

What does Ralph decide about the meeting that he is about to have? He decides that he will try to bring the group back together and become organized again.
What does this say about how Ralph is changing? Ralph is showing leadership qualities
What does Ralph start to realize about his appearance? He gets mad because of his long hair and savage appearance.
What did Ralph, Jack, and Piggy not have the “wit” to do? Stone and wedge the log at the meeting place to the ground.
What does Ralph realize a chief needs to be able to do? A good chief needs to be wise and able to think. (Ralph notices this from Piggy, and he lacks these characteristics.)
Where does Piggy stand at the beginning of the assembly? He stands outside of the triangle.
What is the first thing Ralph lists as something that the boys have failed to do? He says they have failed to bring fresh water to drink.
What is Ralph’s second complaint? His second complaint is that nobody helps to build the shelters.
What is Ralph’s third complaint? That nobody uses the rocks as a lavatory.
What do all the littluns laugh about while Ralph is talking? They laugh at the lavatory complaint.
What is Ralph’s fourth command? His fourth complaint is the fire.
What does Ralph say about fires or cooking? He says that there may not be any cooking fires.
What is the last thing that Ralph tries to talk about before he loses control? He tries to talk about the beast.
What does Jack have to say about the littluns’ fear? Jack said they can be frightened if they choose to.
What did the boy named Phil think he saw? He thought he saw the beast in the trees.
What did the boy really see? He really saw Simon.
How does Maurice get the littluns to stop crying? He tells them to look at him and then pretends to fall over.
According to Percival, where does the beast live? He says the beast lives in the sea.
What does Simon suggest about the beast? Simon suggests that they are the beasts.
What do the boys vote on? They vote on ghosts.
Why does Ralph not blow the conch? He is afraid of them not coming back
Why is Piggy afraid of Ralph giving up control? Piggy does not want Jack to become chief.If Jack becomes chief Piggy doesn’t really have anyone to protect him.
What is happening in the air while the boys sleep? Planes are battling during the war.
What sign is sent to the boys that they don’t get to read? None of the boys see the planes in the air.
What do Sam and eric think they see? They think they see the beast.
What do they really see? They really see a dead parachutist from the battle.
How do Sam and Eric exaggerate what they saw? They said it was furry and hat wings, teeth, and claws.
When Jack follows Ralph up the rocks, what does he think the castle rock would be good for? He thinks it would be a good place for a fort.
About what do Ralph and Jack argue? They argue if they should build huts there at Castle Rock.

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