Chapter 2 Gatsby questions

What is the “valley of ashes”? A desolate area between Manhattan and west egg and East egg
What are the “eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg”? They are on a billboard near George B. Wilson car garage
Who did tom take Nick to meet? His mistress
Identify Myrtle and George Wilson Myrtle is Toms mistress and George is myrtles husband
What did Mrs. Wilson buy while she was out with Tom and Nick? A dog
Where did they go? What was at 158th street? They went to Toms apartment that he kept for meetings. It is a long street of white apartments
Identify Catherine and mr. and Mrs. McKee Catherine is myrtles sister. Mr and Mrs McKee live in the lower levels of the apartment building
What does mr McKee tell Nick about gatsby? Mr McKee says that gatsby was Kaiser Wilhelms nephew and that’s where he got all his money
What reason did myrtle give for marrying George wilson He was a gentlemen
What did tom do to myrtle when she mentioned Daisys name He punched her in the nose

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