Chapter 10-12

What happens to Wilfred? Wilfred is tied up and beaten for no reason by Jack.
What does Wilfred’s beating tell about the situation in Jack’s tribe? Wilfred’s beating tells us that Jack’s tribe is based off of fear and violence.
How was Piggy killed? Piggy was killed from when Roger pulls the lever to let the boulder roll off the cliff, aiming for Ralph, who dodged out of the way. The boulder smashes into Piggy, which throws him 40 ft. landing on the rocks in the ocean. Piggy’s head is smashed open and the waves take his body out to sea.
How does Jack convince the boys that Simon’s death was ok? Jack tells the boys that Simon was the beast who was disguised to look like him.
When Jack and his hunters raid Ralph’s camp, what does Piggy think they are there to steal? What are they really there to steal? Piggy thinks that Jack and his hunters raid the camp to steal the conch shell. In reality, they are there to steal Piggy’s glasses.
How does Jack manipulate the boys in his tribe? Jack uses the beast to keep the boys constantly afraid, making them do what he tells them to do. Jack also uses violence to keep the boys in his tribe and to control the group.
what does Piggy’s glasses symbolize? Piggy’s glasses being stolen symbolizes the take over of chaos and all the power shifting to Jack.
How does Jack convince Sam and Eric to join his tribe? Jack uses violence into making Sam and Eric join his tribe.
How is Ralph pushed out of the forest? what is he hunted like? The boys smoke Ralph out by setting the forest on fire. The boys are hunting Ralph as if he were a pig.
How does Ralph find out that Jack is going to kill him? Ralph finds out that Jack is going to kill him from Sam and Eric who he climbs up the face of Castle Rock to talk to.
What is the purpose of the stick sharpened on both ends? The intention of the stick sharpened on both ends was to put Ralph’s head on one end and the other, be stuck in the ground.
Why does Ralph cry at the end of the book? What does he realize about mankind? Ralph breaks down because he is finally allowed to cry with the knowledge of being safe and with a grownup finally there. Ralph realizes that every person, no matter how old or young has evil and a savage in them. Ralph cries for the two boys who died.

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