chapter 10

It is evident that the Sutton Hoo burial ceremony was not Christian, because it included cremation.
What advantages did feudalism offer the fiefs? Use of land and protection
Which literary work describes a scene similar to the Sutton Hoo discovery? Beowulf
The monsters in Beowulf seem to be metaphors for fate and the destructive forces of nature.
Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne the first Holy Roman Emperor for Christianizing the people of his vast empire
Charlemagne insisted upon a Christian education for his people primarily to enable them to read aloud and sing in church.
What architectural feature especially distinguishes a Romanesque church? barrel vaults
The Abbey Church of Sainte-Foy was a popular pilgrimage destination, because it contained the relics of a martyred child who refused to worship pagan gods.
Romanesque churches’ portals were of special importance, because they defined the boundary between secular and sacred space.
Why was courtly love poetry written in the common language of everyday life instead of Latin? A greater number of people would be able to enjoy it.

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