Cast Of Macbeth

macbeth nobleman of scotland, thane of glamis, and soon becomes thane of cawdor after defeating the previous thane of cawdor. brave and loyal man, but succumbs to his desires and ambitions by murdering king duncan in order to gain the throne.
lady macbeth convinces her husband to murder, but in the end it is she who conscience and cannot deal with the events that have occurred
banquo nobleman of scotand, witnesses the prophesy the three weird sisters tell to macbeth. he suspects macbeth for the murder of king duncan and is consequently killed because of his suspicions
fleance son of banquo, he escapes the murderers sent to kill him and his father
malcolm son of king duncan, he and his brother are blamed for the death of their father, but eventually regains his family’s throne
donalbain the other son of king duncan who does not gain the thron at first
macduff nobleman of scotland, he leaves scotland to find malcolm so he can convince him that he is needed in scotland
lady macduff killed by murders sent by macbeth
lennox, menteith, angus, caithness nobleman of scotland, aids in the battle against macbeth
ross nobleman of scotlan, knows of macduffs plan to seek out malcolm, he ais in the battle against macbeth
siward the earl of northumberlan, uncle to malcolm and donalbain, he aids malcolm in deafeating macbeth and his army
young siward slain by macbeth, son of siward
macduffs son killed by the murders who also killed his mother, sone of macduff
the weird sisters the three witches who tell macbeth the prophesy thst he will be king, they set the wheels into motion that eventually destroy macbeth

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