Campbell English: Romeo and Juliet Act Two

In the opening scene in this act, how does Mercuito attempt to conjure Romeo? What does this demonstrate about Mercutio’s attitude toward love in general and Rosaline in particular? Mercutio tries to find Romeo by talking bad about Rosaline. Mercutio is hoping that Romeo will come out and defend Rosaline from the mean comments Mercutio is saying about her. Mercutio’s attitude towards love is that it is a joke to him. He does not know the real meaning of love because he has never been in love. He treats women and Rosaline as objects instead of real people.
Why is Mercutio’s speech about Romeo and Rosaline ironic? Mercutio’s speech is an example of dramatic irony because the readers know that Romeo does not love Rosaline, but Mercutio’s speech is trying to use Rosaline to find Romeo because Mercutio thinks Romeo still loves Rosaline.
What does Romeo mean when he says that Mercutio “jests at scars that never felt a wound”? Romeo says this to Mercutio meaning that Mercutio makes fun of love and lovers because he has never fell in love to be hurt or affected by it.
What celestial things does Romeo compare Juliet to on this opening soliloquy? What doe these comparisons suggest? Romeo says, “Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven/Having some business, do not entreat the eyes…”. Romeo is comparing her eyes to stars that are so bright they blind the birds flying by. Romeo also compares Juliet to an angel by saying, “O, speak again, bright angel”. He is saying that she is so beautiful she is just like an angel.
What does Juliet mean by the “what’s in the name” speech? Juliet is saying that who cares what Romeo’s last name is. She compares this to a rose by saying, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. No matter what Romeo’s last name is, he is still Romeo, and she will love him no matter what.
Give two quotations to demonstrate Juliet’s more practical nature; give two quotations to demonstrate Romeo’s more romantic nature. Juliet: “So thou wilt woo; but else, not for the world/In truth, fair Montague, I am too fond”. Juliet is telling Romeo that she will be true to him if his feelings are real. “O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon…”. She does not want Romeo to swear their love to the moon because the moonlight is always changing Romeo: ” Lady, by yonder blessed moon I swear”. Romeo is swearing their love to the moon. “My life were better ended by their hate…”. Romeo is saying that he does not care if he gets caught in the bushes talking to Juliet, he would rather die
What practical arrangements do the two lovers make before they part? Romeo and Juliet plan to marry each other the next day. They do not want to part from each other, so they plan to marry each other in the morning. This way they can never be separated.
What does Juliet mean by comparing Romeo to a bird? Why would she cherish killing it. When Juliet compares Romeo to a bird, she means that she loves him to death. An example of this is when a child cuddles with a new puppy until they squeeze so tight because the child loves the puppy so much.
How is “parting with such sweet sorrow”? Which of the literary elements you’ve studied pertain to this quote? This quote means that their love will never end because they will be thinking about each other even when they leave each other. This quote is an example of a metaphor and verbal irony.
What is the significance of Friar Laurence’s soliloquy in the beginning of Scene 3? Friar Laurence is saying that no just for herbs, but people too, have two main categories. These categories are good and evil. Herbs can be good for you and heal you or they can be deadly. Also, if you use it too much it could be bad. Friar is saying that Romeo and Juliet’s love is a great thing, but it could hurt them in the end if they move too fast.
Beginning in line 65, Friar teases Romeo for his ways-what exactly is he saying about the way Romeo is acting? The Friar says, “So soon forsaken? Young men’s love then lies/ not truly in their hearts/but in their eyes”. This means that the Friar is telling Romeo that the love he has for Juliet is not real. He says that Romeo only love Juliet for her looks and beauty.
What good advice does the Friar offer to Romeo that he does not take? The Friar tells Romeo to take it slow. He wants to make sure Romeo knows what he is getting himself into.
Benvolio thinks Romeo will stand up to the challenge offered by Tybalt. Why doesn’t Mercutio think he will? Mercutio says, “Alas, poor Romeo he is already dead”. Mercutio thinks that Romeo will not be able to fight with Tybalt because Romeo is too weak and depressed from the heart break caused by Rosaline.
Mercutio makes fun of Tybalt in two separate ways in Scene 4. Describe two ways he is poking fun at the man. Mercutio says to Tybalt, “O, he’s the corageous captain of compliments”. This means that Mercutio is saying that Tybalt is stuck up and full of himself. Mercutio also says, “He fights as you sing priksong-keeps time/disfance, and proportion; rests me his minimum rest, one, two…”. Mercutio is saying that Tybalt fights like a girl.
Mercutio makes fun of Romeo in Scene 4. What does he say to insult Romeo? Mercutio calls Romeo an idiot for falling in love because love was holding Romeo back from his true self.
What does Mercutio mean when he asks Romeo “isn’t this better than groaning for love”? How do we see Romeo behaving differently in this scene than we have seen him before? Why do you think he is acting so differently? Mercutio is saying that he likes the new and improved Romeo. Romeo is no longer a depressed, sad person. Romeo is behaving differently because he is joking back and forth with Mercutio. Romeo is acting different because he is in love with Juliet and she is making him happy and all giddy.
What are some of the ways the boys make fun of the Nurse? Mercutio says, “Good Peter, to hide her face..”. He is saying that the Nurse is ugly and unattractive. Also, Mercutio says, “A bawd, a bawd, a bawd! so ho!”. He says this meaning that the Nurse was a prostitute. He made fun of the Nurse for mixing up the words “confidence” and “conference” because she was not educated. They also compared her to boat because she was heavy looking.
Whom is the Nurse angry with? Why isn’t she angry at Romeo? The Nurse is angry with Mercutio because he has said so many hurtful things to her. The Nurse is not angry at Romeo because she knows that Juliet loves him and wants her to be kind to Romeo. She also knows that Romeo was not apart of making fun of her and that he is a good person.
What practical arrangements do the Nurse and Romeo make in the end of scene 4? Romeo says to the Nurse,”And there she shall at Friar Laurence’s cell/Be shrived and married”. He also says, “And bring thee cords made like a tackled stair”. Romeo tells the Nurse to bring Juliet to Friar Laurence’s cell to be forgiven of her sins and then to be married to Romeo. He also tells the Nurse to hang a rope ladder to her room/balcony so he can take her away.
Why does Juliet grow impatient with the Nurse in Scene 5? Why might the Nurse want to aggravate Juliet a little bit here? How is the Nurse’s behavior in this scene characteristic? (Where have you seen her tell stories this way before?) Juliet is growing impatient because she wants to hear the news the Nurse has to say about her conversation with Romeo. The Nurse wants to aggravate Juliet because she thinks it is a lot of fun to mess with Juliet when she is so anxious. The Nurse is acting very sneaky and she will not get to the point. We have seen her tell stories like this before when she was explaining how she knew how old Juliet was to Lady Capulet.
How does Romeo tempt fate in scene 6? Romeo tempts fate by saying in line 7, “Then love-devouring death do what he dare”. Romeo is saying that he could die now that he is married to Juliet. This is fate because he will eventually die at the end of the play.
What advice does Friar Laurence offer Romeo about their haste and all-consuming love? How is it prophetic? Friar Laurence offers Romeo and Juliet the advice of taking their love slow. It is prophetic because he says that love is a wonderful thing, but if they go too fast or take it the wrong way, it can end very badly. This is also an example of foreshadowing because they will take their love too far and they will both die.

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