British Literature Hamlet Act 2

dresses slopply and stares at her what does hamlet do to alarm ophelia
love craziness polonius thinks halmets behavior is a result of
him coming back from hell ophelia thinks hamlets behavior is a result of
polonius says example of old people knowing everything, but he is wrong how is interpretations of hamlets behavior ironic
deception and people spying opening of scene 1 and 2 deal with
appearance v reality scene 1 and 2 deal with the theme
disease/corruption, revenge, role of women, madness, death, trust themes explored so far
earth is magnificent but it is also bad contrast on 315
men are noble but they do not delight him contrast on 315(second)
juxtoposition hamlets contrasts are examples of
they were restricted in the city and writers for the kids might mock them why does troupe come to countryside
pun literary device of matter is a
commoner in line 215, he doesnt talk in poetry because he is talking like a _____ in prose
murder of gonzago and add a few lines what hoes hamlet want the troup to play?
why do you have tears in your eyes, its only a story from hecuba to hecuba
he does not take action b/c ghost could be unreliable source why does hamlet consider himself a coward
spy on laertes and hamlet spooking ophelia scene 1
polonius with king and queen, hamlet and polonius, hamlet with rosencrantz and guildenstern, players scene 2

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