Book 17 The Odyssey

What does Theoclymenus prophesy to Penelope That Odysseus is in Ithaca
Who does Odysseus test the suitors Comes in as beggar and sees who gives the most and feels for others
Who recognizes Odysseus right away? The dog Argos, he sensed Odysseus standing by himhe then died
Describe Melanthius? (the man that was later tied up) Lives among nymphs, where people gather water, herds goats with drover’s help, makes suitor’s meal, wouldn’t give anything of Odysseus’ to someone dirty (beggar)
who makes Odysseus extremely angry Antinous
Why does Odysseus want to test his servants and his wife before revealing his identity? he wants to see if they are loyal and he also wants to take revenge on the suitors before telling them because he knows they’ll be shocked

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