Beowulf- Worksheet 2

Where does Grendel reside? The swampland
What was unique about Herot on this night? It was defended firmly
What made Grendel’s heart laugh that night? All of the young soldiers were resting together
What had fate intended for Grendel that night? For Grendel to gnaw the broken bones of his last human supper
How did Grendel handle the first Geat? Ripped his body to bits with powerful jaws; drank the blood from his veins
What initially frightened Grendel about Beowulf? He was awake
What kenning for Grendel opens the second stanza? “Shepard of evil, guardian of crime”
What was Grendel inclined to do? Run from Beowulf
Why could Grendel not escape? Beowulf clutched Grendel tightly
Why did Beowulf stop Grendel from acting on his inclination? He promised the king to show him a dead monster
How could Herot endure the battle? It was shaped and fastened with iron
What was the only thing that could destroy Herot? Fire
How did the Danes react to the rising violence? Terrified- cowering in their beds
What was ineffective about Beowulf’s band of faithful soldiers as they rose to action? They were courageous but their weapons were useless
Why were weapons useless? Grendel had bewitched all men’s weapons; blunted every blade
If Grendel were to die, into whose waiting hands would his soul descend? Worse fiends
Although Grendel is battling Beowulf, the poet claims that Grendel now knew what it meant to feud with whom? Almighty God
How did Beowulf destroy Grendel? Snapped bones, split muscle- Grendel fled bleeding
Where did Grendel die? The marsh
What trophy served as evidence of the victory? Grendel’s arm- claw, shoulder and all
What was one disappointment for Beowulf, considering his earlier boast? He doesn’t have evidence of Grendel’s death
Herot attracted attention from what type of people the day after the fight? Warriors, princes, leaders from faraway lands
To where did the visitors trace Grendel’s bloody footprints? Edge of the lake
What was the condition of the water? Bloody, steaming, boiling in waves: it defies nature
Although there is ample praise for Beowulf, what do the reveled clarify in the closing of Part 10? Praise for Beowulf was not meant to belittle Hrothgar: their “kind and gracious king”
Who avenges the death of Grendel? Grendel’s mother
How does the poet limit her abilities through his descriptions? She was a female
How does the poet describe the typical Viking helmet? Boat-headed
What oversight would leave the Danish warriors vulnerable? They thought the monsters had been eradicated- had no armor/weapons
What 2 things does this avenger carry off from Herot? Grendel’s claw and Hrothgar’s BFF: Aeschere
What are some unusual traits Hrothgar describes about the lake that is home to Grendel and his mother? It burns like a torch
What request does Hrothgar finally make of Belwulf? Go to the lake
How long did Grendel’s mother rule the waters? 50 years
What protected Beowulf from the savage clutch of Grendel’s Mother’s claws? His armor
What attracted the attention of other beasts? The fight- Beowulf struggling to free his weapon
What would the battle-hall protect Beowulf from? Anything in the lake
Describe the hall into which Grendel’s Mother had dragged Beowulf High-arching roof; light burning
Where did Beowulf swing his mighty sword, ringing out its fierce iron song? Straight at Grendel’s mother’s head
What was the name of Beowulf’s sword? Hrunting
Why was his sword of no use to him? It couldn’t slice her evil skin
What part of Beowulf’s armor did Grendel’s Mother render useless from this point on? His helmet
What did she do to that part of his protective gear? But holes in it
According to the poet, fame comes only to men who do what? Mean to win the fight and care about nothing else- even their own safety
When Grendel’s mother pins Beowulf to the floor, what protects him from the dagger? His armor
Who sent victory to Beowulf? Holy God
What was the origin of the sword on the wall, and why would it be difficult for Beowulf to wield? Hammered by Giants and blessed with their magic- it was massive
Where did Beowulf strike with the sword? Her neck
After killing Grendel’s mother, who did Beowulf go on a search for? Another dead monster
What was Beowulf’s final repayment for Grendel’s attacks at Herot? Beheading Grendel
When the wise old warriors see the surge of blood in the waves, what did they assume? Beowulf had been killed
Who left the scene of the lake battle? The Danes and Hrothgar
Who remained by the lake? The Geats
What did those who remained believe they would never do again? See Beowulf again
What emerged from the waters first? Blood
What were the only two things that Beowulf took from the lair? 1. Grendel’s head2. Hilt of the Giants’ jeweled sword
What happened to the blade of the giant’s sword? It had dissolved in Grendel’s seaming blood
What did the Geat soldiers stagger under the weight of? Grendel’s skull
What did Beowulf drag into the mead hall? Grendel’s head

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