Beowulf Webquest: Part One

When was Beowulf thought to have been written? Beowlf was thought to have been written down around 1000 A.D.
In what language is Beowulf written? Beowulf was written in old English.
How has our knowledge of history helped to determineThe time frame and the geographic location of theAction in Beowulf? History helps to determine the time frame of the poem. It was written and recited in Britain, and set in the time when warring tribes populated England and Scandanavia. The ancestors of the early Anglo Saxons were Germanic and Scandinavian. These tribes had invaded Britain in the 5th century. Hygelac king of Geats died Around 521. His presence in the story helps to date the poem
Is Beowulf a fictional or historical character? Beowulf is a fictional character.
What about other leading characters in the poem, are they fictional or historical. Hygelac is historical character; he was king of the Geats.
How could this information change our understanding of the poem? The idea that some of the characters in the poem were historical provides insight into the Anglo Saxon culture.
Into how many sections is Beowulf divided? Beowulf is divided into two main sections. The action is divided into three parts.
Briefly describe each section of the poem. The first section portrays Beowulf as a young man and the second section shows Beowulf as an older man. The action is divided into three sections: the battle with Grendel, the battle with Grendel’s mom, the battle with a dragon.
The age of the manuscript and the age of the poem Differ greatly. How do you think the story of Beowulf survived from the time of its conception to the time of its inscription? The story Beowulf survived through the oral tradition.

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