Beowulf Vocabulary Test Review

Reparation (N) Context: “No one waited for reparation from his plundering claws.” Definition: compensation for a wrong
Solace (N) Context: “Yet can carry no solace in their hearts.”Definition: comfort; relief
Purge (V) Context: “May purge all evil from this hall.” Definition: purify; cleanse
Writhing (ADJ) Context: “That trip to Herot was a miserable journey for the writhing monster!” Definition: making twisting or turning motions in pain
Massive (ADJ) Context: “The best of all weapons, but so massive that no ordinary man could lift.” Definition: big and solid; bulky
Loathsome (ADJ) Context: “Running to his loathsome moor.” Definition: disgusting
Epic (N/ADJ) Definition: a long narrative poem, sometimes developed orally, that celebrates heroic deeds and legendary events
Spawn (V) Context: “He was spawned in that slime.” Definition: to deposit; to bring forth
Quench (V) Context: “No savage assault quench his lust for evil.” Definition: to satisfy or slake; to extinguish
Heathen (N/ADJ) Context: “Made heathen vows.”Definition: one who does not believe in an established religion; pagan
Affliction (N) Context: “Hoping for Hell’s support, the Devil’s guidance in driving their affliction off.”Definition: pain and distress
Omen (N) Context: “The omens were good, and they urged the adventure on.” Definition: sign or warning of the future
Jut(ting) (V) Context: “Jutting up over the shore.”Definition: extend out, over, or beyond the main body or line of something.
Spur(ring) (V/N) Context: “Spurring his horse.” Definition: pointed device used to urge on a horse; urge on
Talon (N) Context: “But nothing could take his talons and himself from that tight hard grip.” Definition: a claw, especially of a bird or prey
Cower(ing) (V) Context: “Cowering in their beds as the terrible screams of the Almighty’s enemy sang.” Definition: shrink from fear or cold
Stag (N) Context: “A stag with great horns.” Definition: a male deer
Hilt (N) Context: “The hilt of the giants’ jeweled sword.” Definition: the handle of a weapon or tool, especially a sword, dagger, or knife.
Hoary (ADJ) Context: “The hoary rock.” Definition: grayish white
Attribute (N) Definition: inherent characteristic

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