Beowulf Vocabulary Practice

Marauding Rampaging, attacking
Affliction Problem, malady
Sinew Tendon
Hoary Ancient
Bolt Abandon, exit
Lair Hidden, retreat
Anglo-Saxon British descent
Reparation Payment, payoff
Heathen Unbeliever, brute
Livid Furious
Scop Poet
Furtive Sneaky, underhanded
Ring-giver King, lord
Caesura Pause, break
Gorge Gobble, devour
Spawn To birth, children
Loathsome Horrible, vile
Bolt To remain, to maintain support
Furtive Open, honest
Gorge To starve
Alliteration Repetition of final consonant sounds
Heathen Devoutly religious person
Infamous Moral, principled, righteous
Hoary Young
Loathsome Attractive, pleasing
Livid Happy, relaxed
Spawn Parent
As the Germanic barbarians sat around the fire, the ______ sang poems for their evening’s entertainment. Scop
“Lily Lou lived in Lizard Lick” is an example of ______. Alliteration
The honorable young men treated their wise, ______ elder with respect. Hoary
On Friday nights, the gang retreated to their ______ in the woods to get drunk and plan their next evil deeds. Lair
The shoplifter gave a(n) ______ glance around the jewelry department before slipping the necklace into her purse. Furtive
When Joe– who normally made straight A’s– came home with all D’s and F’s on his report card, his parents were ______. Livid
If your ancestors are from England, you are from ______ stock. Anglo-Saxon
A “swamp monster” is an example of a(n) ______. Kenning
When thunder crashed right outside the window, the frightened dog ______ed under the bed. Bolt
For some people, an all-you-can-eat buffet means that it is time to ______ on as much food as possible. Gorge
Dexter had a(n) ______ that caused his left shoulder to twitch uncontrollably. Affliction
Because he was implicated in the criminal break-in at the Watergate Hotel, President Richard Nixon is considered to be more ______ than revered. Infamous
Most people would agree that finding a dead cricket in your lunch is a(n) ______ discovery. Loathsome
Sometimes when an army withdraws from a country, the local people are left unprotected, at the mercy of ______ bands. Marauding
After they were caught, the vandals had to make ______ for the damage they had caused to the public park. Reparation
The missionaries went into the foreign country with the intent of converting the ______s to their religion. Heathen
After a successful raid on another tribe, the ______ rewarded his supporters with gifts of gold and treasure. Ring-giver
Every year, salmon travel back upriver to the place of their birth to ______ a new generation. Spawn
When Beowulf attacked his opponent, he tore the man’s ______s from his bones. Sinew
The middle of the line, “Beowulf swung his sword and cut his bone-house in half,” contains a(n) ______. Caesura

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