Beowulf Unit Test Review

Grendel Antagonist of Beowulf In The story is responsible for the beginning terror attacks Against the mead hall
Grendels Mother Secondary antagonist is responsible for some of beowulfs earned fame from the Danes by killing her came for revenge for Beowulf
Beowulf Protagonist main character in the epic is responsible for slaying Beowulf and his mother story revolves around him and his courageous deeds
Hrogthar King of the Danes man responsible for calling on the aid of Beowulf to rid of the hell bent monsters
Kenning “metaphorical compound words or phrases that sub for simple nouns” “Higlac follower” and “protector of men” are used instead of Beowulf so for example “sun” to “light candle”
Allusions An allusion is an indirect reference to a person place event or literacy work with which the author believes the reader will be familiar “Grendel was a descendant not Abel and Cain”
Foreshadowing Writers use of hints or clues to indicate events that will happen later in the story it also creates suspense
Alliteration Repetitive sound at the beginning of words often used by poets
Imagery Words or phrases that create a vivid image for the reader
Traits of a Epic and. Epic hero Epic: long narrative poem that separates a heroes deed Epic character: a hero is a person of noble birth or high stature hero traits reflect the culture hero battles supernatural
Boast Excessive pride about a deed “swam thru the darkness and stayed giants race “
Anglo Saxon traits Loyalty, heroism, physical strength, skills in battle
Overall Theme Of Beowulf Loyalty beowulf shows great strides to aid the danes

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