Beowulf Timeline Cards

Directions: Put the cards in chronological order. This is worth 30 points. When your done arranging the cards, I’ll check it. If there’s an error, you need to fix it until its right. You get 2 points off every time you need to rearrange the timeline. WORK TOGETHER AND USE YOUR BOOKs
Grendel is first described as being, “A powerful monster, living down in the darkness, growled in pain impatient as day after day the music rang loud in the hall. The poet write about the creation of earth. This account is similar to the creation story in the Bible The text says, “The Almighty making the earth, shaping the beautiful plains marked off by the oceans”
Grendel attacks Herot for 12 winters. Hrothgar’s council are desperate to find a solution to deal with Grendel’s murderous attacks. In secret,they go behind Hrothgar’s back and turn to the dark side by sacrificing to the stone gods and praying for Hell’s support.
The news of Grendel’s bloody war on the Danes spreads across the land and sea. Beowulf who is the strongest and bravest of the Geats, hears about King Hrothgar’s kingdom being repeatedly attacked. Beowulf commands 14 of his best warriors to sail across the sea to help Hrothgar. The wise ones don’t regret him going because helping Hrothgar is an honorable deed.
They are greeted by a watchman who is suspicious of their open approach to landing on the shore. He marvels at their armor and weaponry and is astonished by their leader, Beowulf. The watchman grants Beowulf and the Geats permission to stay and guides them towards Herot. They see the magnificently built mead hall it in the distance and it is beautiful and majestic.
After arriving at Herot, Beowulf lets Hrothgar and the Danes know that he is qualified for this job killing Grendel and will do so with his bare hands. He backs his claim up with a boast about killing giants and sea monsters in the night. That night everyone is awake except Beowulf. Grendel returns to the ” All you can eat Danish Man Buffet” only to be seized by the strongest grip he has ever known.
Grendel’s arm gets ripped of and he flees in terror back to his den. It is assumed that he slowly bleeds to death. The arm is hung as trophy in the rafters of Herot.. Oh by the way, Grendel has a mom. That night she goes to Herot looking to reclaim her son’s arm. In an act of revenge, she kills Hrothgar’s best friend and then takes back the arm.
Hrothgar tells Beowulf about Grendel’s mother. He explains that she lives under a haunted lake that glows like a torch at night. He offers Beowulf treasure if he dares to go and kill the monster. Beowulf gives a possible farewell speech and dives down into the haunted lake. He sank down for hours until he finally reached the bottom.
Beowulf tries to cut the “mighty water witch” with his sword and realizes that his weapon is useless. He realizes he must summon up all his strength to win this battle. ” Fame comes to men who mean to win it and care about nothing else!” Grendel’s mother and Beowulf go back and forth trying to wrestle each each other to the ground. At one point Beowulf is on his back while she tries to stab him but he is saved by protected by God.
Beowulf uses a magic sword forged by giants to cut off Grendel’s mothers head. Before leaving the underwater den, he cuts of Grendels head to bring it to Hrothgar as a gift
After seeing the blood rise to the surface, the Danes think Beowulf is dead and they go home. However, the Geats loyally stay and anxiously wait for Beowulf to swim up. Beowulf returns to Herot to present Grendels’ head as a gift and all the warriors are astonished and relieved that both monsters are finally dead.
Beowulf returns to Geatland and is king for 50 years Beowulf goes to fight a dragon that has attacked his kindom. During the fight he realizes that for the first time “fate” is against him. His shield and armor are melting and his sword breaks when he stabs the dragon.
Wiglaf gives a speech scolding the Geats that abandoned Beowulf in his desperate time of need. They boasted that they’d be brave and swore to fight with him but they were cowardly. Wiglaf helps Beowulf kill the dragon but Beowulf’s wounds and burns prove to fatal. Before he dies, he gives Wiglaf his necklace as a symbol that he is passing on his power and title of king to him.
The Geats built a tower on the edge of the sea that serves as monument to Beowulf. They bury his ashes and all the treasure in it.

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