Beowulf Summary

1-300 -Shield Sheatson, great king of the Danes dies and given a sick burning boat treatment (Godlike, warrior)-Hrothgar overtakes Beow and creates Heorot because he’s super nice and people love drinking at Heorot -One night Grendel emerges from swampy low lands to listen in on the fun at Herotot-Songs about God make Grendel mad-Once the men sleep, Grendel kills the 30 men, all men powerless-Make offerings but Grendel doesn’t care-Beowulf (greatest hero in the world) heres of this and travels from Geatland with 14 warriors -Guards frightened by warriors but impressed by his leadership -Beowulf is son of Ecgtheow and he owes his loyalty to HeorotSheafson remembered by clans he defeated
301-709 -At mead hall (Heorot), a guard Wulfgar stops Beowulf-Wulfgar is impressed by Beowulf and delivers his message to Hrothgar right away -Wulgar remembers Beowulf as kid because he was friends with Ecgtheow and happy Beowulf is there because he rocksALSO-Ecgetheow killed Heatholaf (Wulfing Tribe) but Hrothgar worked shit out and Ecgtheow swore allegiance-Beowulf wants to fight Grendel without armor -Unferth talks shit about swimming match but Beowulf disses him back and pumps the crowd up Death Price and vengeance
710-1007 -Grendel kills Beowulf’s man but Beowulf watches patently and tentatively-Grendel tries to kill Beowulf but notices Beowulf is too strong and tries to run away -Beowulf chases after Grendel and has a bloody fight-Uses Grendel’s arm as trophy -Danish bards sing heroic songs about Beowulf (dragon is mentioned) ALSO-Killing of Grendel makes Beowulf seem godlike-Grendel represents evil lurking
1008-1250 -Hrothgar gives Beowulf sick armor and 8 horses-Tells story of Finn
Story of Finn -Danes lost battle to Finns-Danes leader Hnaef dies-Danish Princess (Hildeburh married to Finn-Brother is Hnaef and son died in battle-Wants to burry both with ceromony-Danes peaceful but take revenge and bring Hildeburh back to Dane-Anglo Saxon
1251-1491 -G’s mother f.s.u but Beowulf doesn’t hear-Easchere (Hrothgar’s advisor) is taken-Grendel’s mom lives in a gross swamp with fiery water-They Find A’s head in a gross setting-Unferth offers his best sword Hrunting, to BeowulfALSO-Themes of revenge
1492-1924 Beowulf swims for a some time-Armor protects him but sword doesn’t-G’s mom does well but Beowulf uses “monster weapon” underwater and cuts her head off-See’s G’s body and take’s her head, curse is lifted in the lakeASO-Geats and Danes “united”
1925-2210 Beowulf returns to king Hygelac-Big Hero-Skeptical about the power of marriage to heal the anger and hatred generated between blood enemies-Hrothgar marries Frauwaru to Heatholaf
2211-2515 -Beowulf king because King Hygelac died in combat in Finnland-Beowulf offered to protect throne until Hygelac’s son is of age-Son dies in Sweeden ALSO-Jewels from an extinct race stolen from Dragon-Dragon mad
2516-3182 Beowulf fight dragon but Beowulf is weak-Kills dragon with the help of Wiglaf alone-Needs to see treasure before he des-Wiglaf worries Sweeds will take over now that Beowulf is dead-Gives him the boat treatment

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