Beowulf study guide

Why does Grendel hate people? Because they are celebrating and praising God
Who is Grendel a descendant of? Cain
Hrothgar’s mead hall Herot
When does Grendel kill the 30 men in Herot? While they were sleeping
When does Grendel always attack? At night
How long does Grendel terrorize Herot? 12 years
When can’t Grendel touch Hrothgar’s throne? It is blessed by God
What present day country are the Geats from? Sweden
What present day country are the Danes from? Denmark
What nationality is Beowulf? Geat
What nationality is Hrothgar? Dane
Who stops Beowulf when he arrives in Denmark? The watchman
What does Beowulf ask of the king? Not to help them slay Grendel
Before Beowulf fights Grendel, what does he request of the King? His armor and weapons be sent back home
Why can’t Beowulf’s soldiers stab Grendel? Grendel put a spell on all mans weapons
What happens when Grendel tries to escape from Beowulf? Beowulf rips Grendel’s arm off
Grendel flees from battle wounded, why doesn’t Beowulf pursue? He knows Grendel will die
Where does Beowulf hang the arm of Grendel? On the wall of the mead hall
What does Grendel’s mother do when she finds out what happened to her son? She kills Hrothgar’s best friend and takes Grendel’s arm
Where does Grendel’s mother live? An underwater cave
What do animals think of this lake? They’d rather die than have anything to do with the lake
How many favors does Beowulf ask of the Hrothgar? Two
What are the two requests Beowulf asks the king? To take care of his men and send his treasure back to Higlac
What does Beowulf offer if he dies fighting Grendel’s mother? His sword
What is Beowulf’s sword called? Unferth
What attacks Beowulf while he is swimming to the bottom of the lake? A she-wolf
What happens when Beowulf reaches the bottom of the lake? Grendel’s mother grabs him into her cave
What is the only weapon that Beowulf can kill Grendel’s mother with? A sword made by giants
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother? He chops her head off
What does Beowulf do after he kills Grendel’s mother? He finds Grendel’s body and cuts of his head to end evil
What happens to sword due to Grendel’s evil blood? It melts
How many men does it take to carry Grendel’s head on a stick? Four
When does Beowulf’s next and final battle occur? 50 years later
Why does the dragon terrorize humankind? Someone stole a gold cup that belonged to the dragon to sell it.
During his battle with the dragon, who is the only one there to help Beowulf? Wiglaf
What happens to Beowulf when fighting the Dragon with Wiglaf? He is burned and is dying
How does Wiglaf help Beowulf kill the Dragon? They stab it in it’s belly.
What request does Beowulf make while he is dying? To build a tower so people remember him as a hero
An Anglo-Saxon banquet hall Mead hall

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